Sunday, January 30, 2011

Is Food the Central Theme for Mass Uprisings?

U.S. exercise in crowd control.  Notice the "Food Now" sign.
After the 30-year reign of Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, severe poverty seems to be a driving force behind the massive uprising in the last six days.  Without food, it seems the people had no choice but to take to the streets and demand an equitable solution.  A similar event is anticipated in the United States.  Above, Army National Guard troops conduct an exercise in crowd control and identify the perpetrators as those demanding food.  Will a shortage of food be the primary motivating factor for an uprising in the United States?

J.T. Waldron


  1. "All these [recent Middle East] upsurges are against regimes that have enjoyed practically unqualified US military and political support. Tunisia’s Ben Ali was a favorite of George W. Bush’s, and the Tunisian tyrant continued to enjoy support from the Obama administration. US aid to the regime hovered in the $20 million range, all of it in military, 'anti-terrorist,' and anti-narcotics detection sectors, and was slated for an increase in FY 2010. Egypt, of course, is the linchpin of US-friendly countries in the region, and Yemen is the latest battleground in our never-ending 'war on terrorism.'"

    From (AntiWar)

  2. And as Sammy Naea suggested in the "Portland Stands in Solidarity with the People of Egypt" transmission, people won't riot until they can't fill their stomachs.