Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nuclear Plants Failing Across America

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By Shepard Ambellas

Due to the failing infrastructure across the United States, the lack of oversight, and outright negligence of the government, we are being poisoned from every angle imaginable.

Nuclear plants from coast to coast have been encountering problems as maintenance has become a budget issue. This is startling considering humans are the ones that developed such devises in the first place. Shouldn’t we have a backup and/or service plan set up along with many fail safe procedures when dealing with such a powerful and dangerous technology?

An excerpt from an article reads as if a tritium leak was no big concern.

Star News
Repairs aim to plug latest tritium leak at Brunswick Nuclear Plant

Longer Term Pond Replacement On the Way

'Progress Energy has stopped a tritium leak found Thursday at the Brunswick Nuclear Plant and expects to have repairs in place within a week, spokesman Ryan Mosier said.

Elevated levels of tritium were identified in water samples from leakage below the power plant’s diesel generator building, the utility told the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Friday.

“There is no indication that tritium has migrated into drinking water sources or has migrated off plant property,” the utility’s report says.'

This type of report is chilling to say the least and really makes you question: what other chemicals and toxins are floating around in our water and air supply?

Another startling article from the AP states that the head of Southern Co.’s nuclear wing is urging a national panel to dump nuclear waste into the prestige environment of the Colorado wilderness:

'ATLANTA (AP) — The head of Southern Co.’s nuclear wing is urging a national panel charged with recommending ways to dispose of highly radioactive waste to bury it in the Nevada mountains, while local environmental groups said that waste should stay put until a final solution is found.

Six commissioners and co-chairman Brent Scowcroft of the Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future began a two-day trip to the Southeast on Thursday with a visit to a former nuclear weapons complex near Aiken, S.C. It comes amid deep uncertainty over how the United States should dispose of nuclear waste.

While President Barack Obama supports more nuclear power to meet the country’s energy needs, his administration pulled its support from a plan to store radioactive waste in a ridge of volcanic rock called Yucca Mountain in Nevada.'

And the list goes on. Here is yet another article detailing a problem at a facility.

Safety valve leakage discovered at VY

'BRATTLEBORO — Three of the actuators for Vermont Yankee’s four safety relief valves were found to be leaking during last April’s refueling outage, causing two of the valves “to be considered inoperable,” according to a licensee event report submitted to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Dec. 22.

In an analysis completed on Oct. 25, Yankee engineers concluded “there was firm evidence that the condition may have existed for a period of time greater than allowed by the technical specifications.”'

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