Saturday, January 8, 2011

Is the Giffords Tragedy Being Used to Attack the First Amendment?

Arizona Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, now dubiously described as voicing "the left's grief", wasted no time in attacking free speech.  Almost immediately, mainstream media obliged the sheriff with the typical "in-depth" analysis we've all come to expect.  Granted, racist vitriol in Arizona is abundant.  Just visit with the teabaggers at an anti-immigration rally or check out the comments section of the Arizona Daily Star.  Perhaps blowhard pundits like Glen Beck and Sarah Palin continue to prolong their declining numbers by pandering to these crowds.

Sheriff Dupnik's approach, however, was to connect those who are "anti-government" with the shooting incident and that is just what the likes of Wolf Blitzer are looking to report.  The other aspect being magnified on a national scale is that we had all better keep our legitimate concerns on the down-low or some mentally disturbed person might act upon those gripes with a glock. 

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