Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lawyers For Ron Paul 6/27 Teleconference

Presented with chat discussion on 12160

Cliff Notes.
Was on the phone for the duration .. quick summary... based on my memory..
the lawyers stated they have been in the contact with the highest echelon of Dr. Paul's campaign. They are wanting to talk to delegates that wish to be unbound even if the delegates choice is to vote for Romney.. Mr. Gilbert blasted some of the staff at Daily Paul... Mr. Gilbert also challenged those who spoke against the lawsuit to propose a plan.. 80%-ish of the states have been served... Mr. Gilbert's argument for the lawsuit is basically that if the Judge does not rule in favor of the delegates, then nothing has changed, but if the Judge does rule in favor of the delegates, then Tampa basically becomes a brokered convention.

The oddest part of the call is when someone, I think from this forum, asked Mr. Gilbert in a round-about way about very the odd tweeter account and messages about working in intel and so forth... Mr. Gilbert confirmed it, but in a slightly defensive and dismissive approach.

Dave Calihan (Op Manager) said they could use people with organizational and administrative skills; if interested Mr. Gilbert made reference to Dr. Paul's "secret" convention weapon being Rule 40, which he does not have much faith in it since it is listed under the RNC's temporary rules, but insisted that it still could used as a last resort, regardless of the lawsuit. Mr. Gilbert said this lawsuit is essentially Dr. Paul's last legitimate attempt at winning the nomination. Oh yeah, Mr. Gilbert also spoke confidently of Judge Carter to rule based upon the law and not influence.

Basically, what they are looking for now are more plaintiffs and evidence.
Does anyone have contact info for Carlos Beltran? I wanna compare some notes.
Lawyers For Ron Paul

56:00 where they talk about money.
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Lawyers for Ron Paul facing some tough questions and criticism as the grassroots try to get to the bottom of things. Tracy Diaz interviews guests Porter Davis & Pat Jack of Lawyers for Ron Paul, Tracy is also joined by grassroots activists Carlos Beltran and Steve Parent. Recorded 6-28-12

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