Thursday, June 7, 2012

Should Mitt Romney Be Disqualified for Violating the Logan Act Twice?


When will the lawlessness end with the ruling class? If we wait until the government enforces the laws, do not hold your breath waiting for something to happen. It is up to us to uphold the laws of the land and correct these injustices. Mitt Romney meeting with foreign powers in secret violate the law of the land. The former Massachusetts governor meeting in secret with foreign governments in secret to talk about policy without the consent or knowledge of Congress is against the law.

This is not the first time Mitt Romney violated the Logan act. He did it before in July 2011. He violated this law before meeting with George Soros's Bretton Woods two conferences along with the Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst. He is running for US Senator in the Lone Star State. George Soros is another robber baron wanted in many countries for his fraud and deceit. Mr. Soros also attended this annual Bilderburger Conference. I wonder what laws he has broken or talked about breaking.

The truth is any candidate that attended the Bilderburger Meeting the violated the Logan Act should be disqualified. The two people Mitt Romney and David Dewhurst who attended a meeting with George Soros who is the same man who runs Media Matters that is not only the propaganda arm for the Obama White House, they are also going after people who are exposing the real power behind the puppet leaders and stooges. I wonder if Media Matters was behind Freedom Watch being yanked off the air because Judge Andrew Napolitano was getting real close to the truth of whom the real power brokers are.

This further shows establishment Republicans Mitt Romney and David Dewhurst are no different the Obama. The same special interest funds both sides. With Mitt Romney, attending the last Bilderburger group who also rubbed shoulders with George Soros at Bretton Woods two conferences last summer. This information needs to be taken to the republican convention so the delegates know we no longer can afford either Romney or Obama another four years. We cannot afford a stooge for the bankers occupying the White House.

 Romney and Obama are no different. The only difference is their skin color. They both are for the individual mandate to buy Health insurance by the force of government. Romney singed the Health insurance Mandate in Massachusetts that Obama modeled his health care bill after.  They both are for Gun control, Romney is 2004 signed the assault weapons ban Massachusetts. They both are for banker bailouts. Both are for the Patriot act, none is interested in abolishing the TSA or rolling back their intrusive power. Romney said he would sign the NDAA just as Obama did on New Years Eve. They both are for Carbon taxes. They both are not interested in cutting spending or shrinking the size of government. The both are for less personal freedom and bigger government being more intrusive in our lives.

What was whispered in the ears at the Bilderburger meeting must be shouted from the rooftops. Romney like Obama should be disqualified from running for office since they met in secret with foreign powers violating the Logan act. This knowledge must be taken to the convention in Tampa. Romney must be exposed for what he is. He is a sell out to foreign powers outside the US.

Mitt Romney is not a conservative, He certainly is not a libertarian or a Constitutionalists. He is a Benedict Arnold incarnate. He is no different then Obama. Let us call a spade a spade, now the jig is up, the rigged game is exposed, now we have the knowledge. Now it is time to steal these false victories away from the establishment, take action to make sure Romney does not get any more free rides to Tampa.

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