Thursday, June 14, 2012

US and Israel violate international law with total impunity: Chomsky

Press TV  A renowned American political analyst says Israel gets away with numerous violations of international law as the Jewish entity is a client of the US and therefore enjoys “total impunity,” Press TV reports.

“…it (Israel) is a client state of the United States; the United States has total impunity and that is inherited by its allies and clients,” American philosopher and linguist Noam Chomsky told Press TV in an exclusive interview on Wednesday.

The comments come as US President Barack Obama on June 5 once again voiced unwavering support for Tel Aviv, reiterating that Washington is “decidedly more attentive” to Israel than it is to the Palestinians.

Obama, who made the remarks at a meeting between White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew and a visiting delegation of the US Orthodox Jewish community, also called on the audience not to cast doubts on his loyalty to his Israeli allies.

“That’s what power is,” Chomsky noted, “so for example the United States itself cannot be brought before any international tribunal. The one attempt to do so, the International Court of Justice- US simply dismissed it.”

The celebrated academic went on to say that what the US means when it refers to the international community is different from what is generally understood by the term.
“Where the term (international community) is used in the West, the international community refers to the United States and anyone who happens to be going along with it. If the world happens to be, most of the world is opposed, they’re just not part of the international community,” Chomsky said.

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