Thursday, June 28, 2012

Supreme Follies

American Everyman
Scott Creighton

Just a quick note: In a few hours the Supreme Court is going to release it’s decision on the Obamacare (aka the ironically named “Affordable” Care Act) lawsuits brought by 26 different states. I won’t be here when the verdict is released so I will go out on a limb and make a little prediction… the court will support the mandate as “constitutional” but will strike several aspects of the bill as unconstitutional, namely the part that mandates corporations offer coverage to people with pre-existing conditions and the part that keeps them from charging more from elderly MANDATED “customers” (are we really “customers” if we are forced to purchase their deeply flawed insurance scams?). They will do this because to them it is constitutional to force human citizens to buy a flawed product from a corporation but it is unconstitutional to force corporate persons to treat human citizens in a just manner. Plus, there is just WAAAAAY too much money at stake (for those of you who don’t know…

MOST of the industrialized Western nations have a single payer type healthcare system and the big insurance companies have EVERY INTENTION of exporting our system and thus striking this down not only hurts their profits here but also in the future all across the world. Just think about those payment premium profit margins for a second. think about it… think about it…. good. now move on)
The fake left is inundated with dire warnings of life without Obamacare (first suggested by the Heritage Foundation don’t ya know) and the right is being bombarded with renewed threats of the evil soooooocialism (and when I say soooooocialism, Fox News style,  I mean Nazi Germany, Satan himself, and the dreaded social justice… cus that all means the same thing to Fox News viewers and “freedom” loving libertarians who pledge their support daily to the “freedom” of corporations to rip off their customers, pay no taxes for the services they enjoy, and poison our food supply) of single payer healthcare if the court rules in favor of the constitution. The stage has been set. The actors are on their marks. Everyone is ready. Are you?

If you take a look at recent events it’s hard to imagine that anything else could happen. Everything is going the corporate way. From Citizen’s United to Obama’s new “trade” deal, the writing is on the wall, the winds of CHANGE are a blowin. The SCOTUS transformation team just recently ruled to strike down a 100 year old state law which prohibited corporations from dumping unlimited cash into campaign support. Now TransCanada for instance can dump billions of dollars into a local mayoral candidate’s campaign if they desire thanks to the Supreme Follies of the Roberts’ court.

It seems fascism the Washington Consensus is all the rage in DC these days. I don’t expect they will have any problem supporting the clearly unconstitutional personal mandate of the Heritage Foundation Mitt Romney Hillary Clinton Barack Obama “healthcare” plan.

I really hope I’m wrong about this one but it seems it may be inevitable.

Perhaps we can expect some kind of nifty staged distraction to accompany their announcement as well. Lots of people on the left and the right oppose this “Affordable” Care Act. They may need a bigger, juicier story to drown out the wails of dissent from the unwashed masses.

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