Friday, August 24, 2012

Fast and Furious official MIA in order to avoid testifying

Robert Flynn

William McMahon supervised the
Phoenix-run Fast and Furious program.
The Fast and Furious Scandal is taking a new, sinister twist as one of those at the center of the botched gun-running scheme has been conveniently given a job by Obama-ally J.P. Morgan, far outside the borders of the United States. William McMahon, former ATF official and one of those responsible for the botched operation that resulted in the death of an American border agent, is not only reportedly collecting $100,000 annually for "security" services to the politically connected banking giant, but is also still receiving his ATF paycheck. With the invoking of Executive privilege by the Obama White House, and now this new shocking revelation of a political protection racket, is it possible that the Obama White House is digging itself into an even deeper hole?

McMahon, who may well be prosecuted for perjuring himself during the recent Congressional hearings into the notorious operation that allowed thousands of assault weapons to cross the border into Mexico, has been given a "job" in the Philippines. Critics claim that this move has been made in order "to prevent him from exposing further criminality among higher-ranking officials." Many other high officials have invoked their Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination during hearings in Congress; however, McMahon made statements that now appear to have been outside the realm of truth.

This obvious attempt to scurry a potentially damaging witness out of the country is a disgusting show of contempt not only for the rule of law, but for the American people as well. The Obama administration, if responsible for this travesty of justice, may have tarnished the office of Presidency forever. And with the incompetent and possibly criminal McMahon getting a fortunate job with J.P. Morgan, the home of many current and former Obama supporters, as well as the largest recipients of taxpayer money gladly doled out by the Obama White House, it gives ammunition to those who cry foul.

In fact, critics will almost certainly claim that the President of the United States appears to have had one of his politically connected banking giants give McMahon a job outside the country so that he could not testify to how much the President was personally involved in the scandal.

Whether or not this is true, the American people deserve better. The Presidency was once a proud and honorable position, one to be admired and dreamed of attaining, but the current occupant has soiled the office with his corruption and immorality. How far has the United States sunk that the President is accused of having witnesses hidden outside the reach of American law?

America cannot survive as the greatest nation on Earth if it continues to elect morally bankrupt socialists who will stop at nothing to destroy this nation's greatness. America must find a way to return the honor to the Presidency, and not have it sullied with plots that seem to come from a film-noir mystery. Both the country and its people deserve better than what they have now, a President that seems to be at the center of the Fast and Furious Scandal and racing toward his own Watergate moment.

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