Monday, August 27, 2012

Warning to Activists: Agent Provocateurs Want to Make You a Terrorist

J.G. Vibes

For hundreds of years the establishment has used agent provocateurs as a means of discrediting protest movements that spoke out against the injustice that was being perpetrated by the ruling class.

Provocateurs are basically undercover agents, who infiltrate activist groups and try to provoke or push various members of these groups into doing something illegal that they can then immediately be arrested for.

Even if the activists aren’t arrested, the incident can then be used as a propaganda piece against dissenters everywhere.  This is how things have played out throughout the course of American history, and im sure it goes back much further than that.

In the past you could expect one of these snakes to be at protests trying to get people to throw bricks through windows, or even just doing it themselves when all else failed.  This usually supplied the pretext for violent crackdowns on protestors, and a justification for the use of excessive force.

However, in recent years with the general population becoming more discontent, these provocateurs are taking more extreme measures and hatching plots that could get innocent protestors sent away for life, or worse.

I’m talking of course about the fabricated “terror” plots that the establishment has been walking people into since at least the signing of the patriot act.  First these plots were surrounding Muslims on airplanes with fake bombs.  This trend continued for years and resulted in the prosecution of several people.
These “underwear bomber” cases, as they later came to be known, served as the excuse for the expansion of the TSA and the rollout of the radioactive naked body scanners that have become so controversial.

Since occupy wall street became a household name, the government is now turning their attention away from the phoney Muslim threat and towards the dissenters at home who have now been branded “domestic terrorists”.

This past weekend in Chicago, a group of young occupy protesters were infiltrated by a federal agent, who supplied them with all sorts of contraband and then immediately had them arrested.  This set up was nearly identical to one that took place just weeks ago, prior to the mayday protests in Ohio.

The police are putting forward a narrative about violent terrorist masterminds, when in reality it was the undercover agents themselves who put the plot into motion and provided all of the materials.

These incidents should serve as a warning to activists everywhere to keep their guard up and to avoid people who start talking about this kind of sketchy activity.  Many of you reading this probably think that this should go without saying, but it’s become apparent that it is not very difficult for police to ensnare people in these false flag set ups.

This should be an issue that is discussed regularly at activist meetings and occupy general assembly’s worldwide.

While this may seem like a topic that should be unspoken and common sense, it is still one of the most damaging tactics that has been used against dissenters thus far, both in terms of public relations and the toll taken on the lives of those who get caught up in these traps.

As we have seen many times in the past, hurting people, blowing things up and destroying property accomplishes nothing for the cause of freedom.  This kind of behavior actually provides the mainstream media with propaganda opportunities that will be used to perpetuate the myth that anyone who disagrees with authority is dangerous and violent.

As long as this myth endures the public will continue to fund and allow their own enslavement, as well as yours and mine.

From now on we should all be especially careful about the kinds of things that new friends are bringing into our houses.  If someone approaches you acting shady, or offers to give you anything illegal especially related to weapons or explosive material, you need to get yourself out of that situation as smoothly as possible and don’t accept anything that person is going to offer you.
Try to disagree with them as politely as possible if they mention anything about violence, anything that is said to an undercover cop will definitely come back up in court and be used to demonize the accused.

With two cases like this popping up in two different cities so close to each other, it is quite possible that there are undercover units in activist movements in every city, especially the occupy movement due to all of the press that it got last season.
Be careful out there, and make sure your friends and local community members are aware that there has been widespread infiltration of protest movements and that they should be highly suspicious of people who start talking openly about violent or destructive behavior.

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