Thursday, August 30, 2012

'Reps, Dems do not want people’s voice be heard'


Republicans and Democrats are not interested in having the voice of American people be heard as they discuss “the most minor differences between the two parties,” says American journalist Don DeBar.

In a phone interview with the U.S. Desk on Thursday, DeBar said Republicans and Democrats are not “having an actual debate” at their national conventions.

“There is no desire in having the people’s voice be heard because they’re suppressing that in the street with tear gas and batons once it reaches a certain level”, said DeBar.

Stressing that the two parties’ conventions in Tampa and Charlotte have created many problems for poor people, DeBar said: “they don’t really care whatsoever for the impacts that their convention has on the actual people that live in either of those two cities”.

Furthermore, the journalist said the Republicans were practicing public-private partnership in Tampa as they take the money required for their expenses out of the public’s pocket while placing the benefits in the hands of the wealthy.

“The very site of the Republican National Convention, in fact, is one of the so-called public-private partnerships where the expenses are all public and the benefits are all private”, he said.

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