Tuesday, August 28, 2012

RNC rollcall: Ron Paul Delegate Counts Ignored, Shouting Ensues

Editor's Note:  Paul's leadership during this crisis is noticeably absent.  Well educated, civics-minded people that were numerous enough to change the outcome of the election are abandoned and disenfranchised by Ron Paul himself.

Iowa was 22 Paul/6 Romney, but the woman at the podium only counted Romney

Iowa cast for Paul! And they didn’t even acknowledge it

Maine, 14 Romney, 10 Paul. Again, Paul not recorded by the podium

They just did that to Minnesota, where Paul won like 40 votes to Romney’s 6

I’ve never seen a convention roll call take place during rush hour GOOD point! I haven’t either in 64 years! They don’t want the country to see how they’re handling the count…I guess


RT @robport: ND delegate just texted me saying they were instructed to chant “USA” to drown out dissent. #RNCpowergrab”

Delegates are being instructed to chant USA USA to drown out the Paul supporters. Considering that the Paul delegates are being robbed of their votes, it’s getting heated in there. I’m going around to various sources to find out what’s going on. CSPAN turned off the sound of the screaming by the Paul supporters that they’re being “robbed” and by the rethuglicans shouting them down.

The Paul supporters I’ve known are not exactly low key people.. usually angry young men. Keep those cameras rolling, and HOPE that the MSM has enough fucking hair to actually report on how much Romney is NOT wanted.

This is very interesting. That party is deeply fractured, but the new realities of political funding mean that the only voices that matter are those of the billionaire club. I don’t know a single Republican who wanted Romney going into the primary season. In fact, the common refrain was “anyone but Romney”. But here he is. And this insulting count here today is just the most recent and obvious manifestation of the process that’s been going on for months and months, with party establishment telling their voters to shut-up and cheer for their better.

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