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Courageous Swedish politician ignites coverage of the chemtrail issue in mainstream papers

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The leader of the Environmental Party (Miljöpartie)  in the town of Vingåker, Pernilla Hagberg, ignited a discussion in the Swedish mainstream media about chemtrails. A broad public discussion about the mysterious trails forming artificial clouds over our heads is long overdue. In Sweden as well as here.

The discussion started when this courageous politician commented on a photo depicting a chemtrail but titled condensation trail.

Here is the translation of the newspaper article that started the discussion [1]:

Politician convinced of strange phenomenon

The leader of the Environmental Party in Katrineholm, Pernilla Hagberg, reacted to a photo published in the newspaper Katrineholm Kuriren, picturing exhaust fumes or condense – according to the picture’s title. In her opinion viruses and heavy metals are being sprayed to control the weather.
Chemtrails contain various mixtures of chemicals and sometimes even viruses. It is disturbing to see them on a clear blue sky and they persist for the entire day. Then there is no more sun during that day.”
According to Pernilla Hagberg, chemtrails are intended to control the weather and to influence sun rays and nature. She does not exactly know who is responsible for these chemtrails but suggests that the intention might be to gain more control over the global markets, the prices of commodities and food.
It is something steered by the USA and Russia. It is connected to the military”, says Pernilla Hagberg.


This led to another newspaper picking up the story [2], but one can already notice the spin which is used to discredit Ms. Hagberg:

Politician: CIA spraying poison over Sweden

Chemicals, viruses and heavy metals are being sprayed over Sweden – by the CIA and the government.
That is what the leader of the Environmental Party  in Vingåker believes.
We have to convince the technicians of the airplanes to stop loading these containers” says Pernilla Hagberg.

The newspaper Katrineholms Kuriren published her theses in its Thursday issue, denounced by all relevant scientists as pure conspiracy theories.

Release of poison

Pernilla Hagberg saw a picture in the newspaper that was titled airplane exhaust fumes or condensation trails. But in her opinion these trails are so-called chemtrails, poisons that are emitted from airplanes to control the weather.
It is one of the most serious phenomena in Sweden today. These trails contain a multitude of chemicals, viruses and heavy metals, such as Aluminium that influence the weather

It is about power

Pernilla Hagberg says she believes that the CIA and the American NSA (National Security Agency) are behind the release.
To be able to control the weather and use it for their own purposes is very advantageous for power structures. The Swedish government could also be involved” she says.
I heard that there are government decisions welcoming chemtrails over Sweden

Pledge to investigate the issue

She stresses that she is speaking as a private individual and not as a representative of the Environmental Party. But she pledges to try to stop chemtrails if she is re-elected.
It is a very controversial and sensitive issue. To shed light on it is very interesting. I know of several politicians who would like to do it but do not dare to.”

What do you actually want to do to stop chemtrails?

Firstly we have to convince the airplane technicians to stop installing the tank containers in the airplanes.  It is all about overcoming one’s fear.”

But Pernilla Hagberg does not get much support from meteorologists. Anette Levin of the SMHI (Sweden’s meteorological- /hydrological institute) says:

I definitely do not believe this. I cannot believe that someone would manipulate the weather in this way.”

Simple explanation

The trails you can see in the sky behind a jetplane can be explained simply”, she says. “When jet fuel is burned small particles are created. If  the air is moist enough water droplets form on these particles, creating condensation trails. Sometimes they stay for long sometimes they disappear quickly. It all depends on the humidity of the air in which you are flying” says Anette Levin.

Some members of the environmental party have distanced themselves from Pernilla Hagberg’s theories.
There is a lot else that has to be dealt with in the environment. It is not neccessary to invent foolish things”, comments Gudrun Lindvall, local leader of the environmental party in Katrineholm to the Katrineholms Kuriren.


The conspiracy thrives in the internet

“Chemtrails” are a popular conspiracy theory thriving in the internet. It says that chemical and biological poisons are sprayed from aircraft in high altitudes. Many believers of this theory say that a conspiracy of officials, governments and security agencies is behind these releases. The trails left by jetsplanes are often cited as “proof”. But according to meteorologists these trails are a normal result of exhaust particles acting as condensation nuclei. There is no scientific proof whatsoever for the theory of “chemtrails”.


Anyone  researching  on the net will quickly find out that weather modification techniques by releasing substances from airplanes have been used for at least 40 years. It is well known as “cloud seeding” in its earlier forms using small aircraft at low altitudes.  Today  big aircraft at high altitudes are used and is  referred to as “stratospheric geo-engineering”.  Independent research has found that chemtrails contain aluminium and barium. Even the US Navy admits that tiny particles of aluminium (chaffs) are  sprayed. [3]  There is no doubt that there is a military connection to chemtrails, you just have to search for “weather warfare” and this comes up, emphasis added:
A research paper produced for the United States Air Force written in 1996 speculates aboutthe future use of nano-technology to produce “artificial weather“, clouds of microscopic computer particle all communicating with each other to form an intelligent fog that could be used for various purposes. “Artificial weather technologies do not currently exist. But as they are developed, the importance of their potential applications rises rapidly.” Weather modification technologies are described as “a force multiplier with tremendous power that could be exploited across the full spectrum of war-fighting environments.”  [4]

Anyone who still doubts that chemtrails exist (such as the the swedish meteorologist commenting on Pernilla Hagberg’s statement) is either ill informed or is trying to ridicule a courageous politician who has the guts to speak out. It is also very telling that members of the Miljopartie distanced themselves from Ms. Hagberg’s statements. Speaking the truth in these times can be dangerous for any career indeed, be it a scientific or a political one. Please support Pernilla Hagberg in any way you can. She can be contacted via

Conspiracy or conspiracy theory ?

Chemtrails are a fact not a conspiracy theory - the suppression of information about this issue by the mainstream media and the ridiculing and ad hominem attacks on anyone who dares to speak out is a conspiracy.

Further information on the issue

A good article with lots of references was written about the subject by Amy Worthington
and published on Global Research in 2004 titled:
Chemtrails: Aerosol and Electromagnetic Weapons in the Age of Nuclear War

Another one by Prof. Michel Chussodovsky in 2005 titled
Environmental Warfare and Climate Change

Another one by Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri in 2010 deals with the health impact of chemtrails

More useful information can be found in 2 documentaries:
What in the world are they spraying
Why in the world are they spraying?

[1] Katrineholms Kuriren 20 Sep 2012
 [2] Aftonbladet 20 Sep 2012
[3] “Effects of Navy chaff release on aluminum levels in an area of the Chesapeake Bay.” 
       PubMed. US National Library of Medicine. June2002: 

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