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The Afghan War: Just the Facts

Daily Bell

Afghanistan mosque suicide bomb attack kills at least 41 ... A suicide bomber targeted worshippers who had gathered at a mosque in north Afghanistan for prayers to mark Eid al-Adha, killing at least 41 people. More than 50 people were wounded in the attack, which happened as people were leaving the Eid Gah mosque in Maymana, capital of Faryab province. Senior provincial government and police officials attended the prayers, but appeared to escape serious injury. The victims were mainly police officers and civilians. This attack in Maymana, the provincial capital of Faryab, exposes a number of serious concerns about the security situation there. There is a widespread perception that Faryab is a very peaceful province, but recent developments are telling. There have been a number of assassinations of tribal elders recently in Maymana. Nato forces have also conducted frequent night raids targeting the Taliban and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan militant group (IMU). – BBC

Dominant Social Theme: The war is being won.

Free-Market Analysis: The deaths in Afghanistan, after more than a decade of war, keep climbing. Our paradigm proves itself out daily.

The West is not in Afghanistan to help its women. The West is not in Afghanistan because of its mineral wealth. The West is not in Afghanistan to create peaceful democracy.

The West is there to eradicate one of the last pockets of resistance to globalism. The Pashtuns and the Punjabis are ancient, independent tribes. This war is between the bankers and the tribes.

The stakes are high. And the West, it seems, has already lost. It is impossible to pacify 250 million people who want nothing to do with your culture, who are willing to die and who can fight from mountain caves.

We follow the war because we know you don't want to. NATO has introduced guns that shoot around corners. It sends out helicopters and soldiers in "armor." US Marines regularly conduct night raids now, rousting and killing innocents.

The Taliban is drawn from Pashtuns and trained by Punjabis. The Pashtuns and Punjabis hate each other. But they dislike invaders even more. Both cultures are true to their roots. The Punjabis are sly and non-confrontational. The Pashtuns are overt warriors. Both tribes have been there for about 2,000 years or more, apparently. Neither tribe is going anywhere.

There about 40 million Pashtuns and 190 million Punjabis. They live in Afghanistan and Pakistan, in mountainous country that provides plenty of cover. These are big countries and it is impossible to track everyone down, even if you wanted to invade mountain ranges, which is an impossibility.

These are stiff-necked tribes. They have been in one place for a long time. The resistance has little if anything to do with Islam directly. The Pashtuns are not overly Islamic, in any case. But they resist invaders.

The Pashtuns resisted the British last time they invaded ... 100 years ago. They fought the British to a draw. They have done it again, this time with the help of the Punjabis.

The power elite behind these wars is winning most of them. But not this one. The elites buggered Muammer Gaddafiand then broadcast it. They caused Hosni Mubarak to appear prone in a cage in court. They are now attacking Syria and targeting Iran and even Jordan.

All the bloody, erstwhile allies are being deposed. A new chapter is being created – resurgent Islam utilizing the CIA-controlled Muslim Brotherhood as a proxy.

There is no Great Game. There is no women's liberation. There is no democratization to be had. It is only a group of banking families, apparently ... lashing out that they cannot control the last patch of land that they need to dominate in order to impose global governance. So long as there is somewhere to run and resist the ongoing internationalization, the global elites will not feel safe.

And so we fight ...

We fight to ensure our own slavery. We fight to feel the boot on our collective necks. We fight for the privilege of having that boot smash down on our face over and over again – as George Orwell once wrote.

Those who are fighting are poisoning themselves with the depleted uranium of their own armaments. They are further poisoned by vaccines supposed to bolster their "health." Often these soldiers come home with grave wounds and missing limbs. More soldiers have killed themselves than have been killed in war.

They say only a few thousand US soldiers have died. The statistics lie. They undercount fatalities by defining soldiers in a certain way. And they don't count all the hideous wounded.

But the elites are running out of time and good will of their own subject populations. Bombs keep going off in Afghanistan. Infiltrators are rendering the Afghan "army" and "police" unworkable. The regime of Hamid Karzai is only strong so long as US and NATO soldiers provide him protection. When they go, so does he.

Eventually, he will go. The war is not infinitely sustainable. And when the US and NATO goes, they will leave behind a civil war between the Pashtuns, Punjabis and the other ethnicities in the area.

This will be the legacy of the war in Afghanistan. A further, bloody civil war. It will come courtesy of power elite hubris. The Pashtun farmers and their families will be the ones to suffer, as always.

Conclusion: This is the truth of the war. It has been fought to expand empire. It is failing for the same reason.

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