Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Karl Rove's Electronic Empire Of Fraud

Jim March
Jill Simpson

Jill Simpson and Jim March are election integrity researchers who have traveled the country documenting the various elements of Rove's electronic election fraud network, guided by Ms. Simpson's past as a volunteer GOP operative directly under Karl Rove.

Jim March is a specialist in electronic voting systems and one of Bev Harris' supporters at

Together they have produced the first “big picture” outline of what the total election fraud network looks like, at least as connected to Karl Rove (which is most of it).

They are particularly concerned due to the passage of something called the “MOVE Act” in 2009. This new federal law for Military Overseas Voting Enhancement purported to make voting more “efficient” for this surprisingly large class of voters consisting of military, various “contractors” overseas, consulate staff and the usual mix of US business people overseas.

The act specified new federal funds for new systems to support the MOVE Act, which requires that these voters have the option to both register to vote and vote electronically over the Internet. No security provisions were put in – at all. And worst of all, states are not allowed to put in security provisions more strict than the MOVE Act specifies if it slows down the “efficiency goals” of the MOVE Act in any way.

Scytl, an up-and-coming voting system vendor out of Barcelona Spain set up a series of sham US offices but in reality ran these critical functions out of Spain.

To fully implement “MOVE Act” election fraud, data mining companies would be needed to identify which overseas voters to impersonate – we have identified two including one with a notorious past as a cocaine dealer. Political strategists would be needed to identify races and counties to target – we have located those as well. Corruptable county election officials would be a boon to this scheme and we know how that works too.

We will be taking questions and doing a brief intro today at high noon, National Press Club Press Contact 614-361-9434

The following audio clip contains key excerpts from last Monday's radio broadcast with Jim March,  Jill Simpson, Craig Unger and Mark Crispin Miller. Jim March identifies the MOVE act as containing the likely path for how the upcoming 2012 Presidential race can be rigged through Karl Rove and his operatives. Towards the end of the clip, he lends his expertise about what to specifically watch for this election season.

For larger view, click here.

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