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Excerpt from Upcoming articleMOVEing In The Wrong Direction – Jill Simpson and Jim March

…ES&S is partnered with Scytl on MOVE Act compliance software. At this point we need to start looking at the interconnections between these companies, in part by tracking the people involved.

What is now Election Systems and Software was founded in 1979 by, among others, Bob and Todd Urosevich. Todd is still with ES&S today and has been employed with them continuously at the VP level.

Bob Urosevich is the more interesting brother. He left ES&S in 1997 to found a smaller outfit that was quickly swallowed by Global Election Systems based in Canada (Vancouver BC) – originally started by three convicted felons. A year later Global bought Spectrum Print and Mail of WA state, owned and founded by convicted felon Jeffrey Dean with a convicted coke dealer he found in the WA state prison system as second in command. In other words, the evidence that Global was corrupt is overwhelming just based on staffing issues – and there is much, much more evidence beyond that.

Bob U. stayed with Global through the Diebold buyout and transition to Diebold Election Systems Inc. (“DESI” still based in Vancouver BC) and served as president during the early to mid DESI years.

In late 2006 he jumped ship to lead the “Scytl USA” pseudo-corporation. That didn't last long, and he jumped back to the “Global/Diebold crew” just around the time that Diebold corporate in Canton OH was getting sick of them and spat them out as “Premier”, first as a different brand name under the Diebold umbrella but then rapidly sold to ES&S in 2009. Bob U. goes to a Premier office in Dallas TX just before (or during?) that buyout process, but then in 2010 the US-DOJ decides the buyout (and merging the two largest voting system vendors) was a bad idea and forces ES&S to sell most of the Diebold/Premier assets. Dominion in Canada turns out to be the buyer however ES&S takes over the Dallas support facility that Bob U. is last tracked to after Scytl, and then Bob goes back to ES&S HQ in Omaha where his brother has been this whole time. (Meanwhile Dominion also swallows Sequoia, the 3rd largest voting system vendor in addition to much (most?) of DESI/Global.)

OK. What does all this mean?

Well via Bob Urosevich's travels, we see that most of the US voting system vendors are interconnected.

We see a cooperative effort underway right now between ES&S and Scytl. We see continuing joint support efforts between ES&S and Global/Diebold/Premier/Dominion/? to support the joint customer base. For that matter, ES&S and Sequoia each bought pieces of a Texas-based outfit called Business Records Corporation (BRC) and still share similarities in their hardware product lines.
We also see ties strong enough to support the possibility of joint political efforts... especially since all of these companies have strong ties to the Republican Party or right-wing politics in general.

Former GOP operative who worked under Karl Rove recalls several occasions where Rove interacted………………

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  1. Hello, I'm an election integrity researcher who runs the CAVDEF wiki: I wanted to ask if the full copy of the "MOVEing In The Wrong Direction" article is available anywhere. The excerpt here cuts off mid-sentence while talking about Bob Urosevich.