Tuesday, August 9, 2011

DOJ obstructs murder investigation

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William Heuisler

Semper Fi, Agent Terry
Agent Brian Terry's Funeral
The Department of Justice (DOJ) has deliberately undercut investigations into the murder of Tucson District Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry. Apparently DOJ will do anything to avoid blame for the effects of their Gunrunner/ Fast and Furious gun-smuggling operations.

Two days after the former Marine and Border Agent was killed, on December 14th, 2010, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) Phoenix supervisors confirmed AK47 rifles from the Terry murder scene were from Operation Gunrunner’s “Fast and Furious” smuggling scheme to deliver nearly 2000 combat weapons to Mexican drug cartels. (Serrano, 2011)

Emails sent by ATF supervisors two days after Terry's killing openly discuss Fast and Furious guns found at the murder scene. George Gillett, acting special agent in charge, sent his boss, William Newell, a "narrative of incident/activity" about the Border Agent’s death. The email narrative said Jaime Avila bought three AK-47s a year earlier from a Phoenix-area store and two "were recovered in the area" of Agent Terry's killing. "In summary," the email said, "Avila admitted to ATF agents that he straw purchased these firearms for an unidentified Hispanic male." (ATF emails 2011)

Two months later, the United States Department of Justice clumsily tried to obstruct the Terry murder investigation.

In response to Senator Grassley’s question about the Terry murder gun, DOJ emailed, "these allegations are not true", and made no acknowledgement the guns were even there. Then DOJ reversed themselves and made a specious distinction between guns “found” at the murder scene and guns "used" in the killing. (Serrano, 2011)

More obstruction in a February 3rd email to ATF supervisors: "You are in no way obligated to respond to congressional contacts or requests for information...not authorized to disclose non-public information about law enforcement matters outside of ATF or the Department of Justice to anyone, including congressional staff." (ATF emails, 2011)
In emails to William Hoover, ATF acting deputy director, bureau officials even discussed what steps to take to throw Grassley and congressional investigators off the murder trail. An email to Hoover actually proposed obstruction: a "watered-down" account of what was found at the site of the Terry killing. (Serrano, 2011) (ATF emails, 2011)

Lastly, in a cynical parody of reality on July 19th, spokeswoman for Attorney General, Holder, Tracy Schmaler, said to Senate investigators, “Fighting criminal activity along the southwest border - including the illegal trafficking of guns to Mexico - has been a priority of this administration and this Department of Justice.” (Seper, 2011)

Faced with lying to Congress, suborning perjury, and poisoning a murder investigation, what should Americans do when their Justice Department obstructs justice?

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