Monday, August 15, 2011

PM declares war on his broken society

Morning Star
Louise Nousratpour

David Cameron
David Cameron declared a "fightback" against the "moral collapse" of Britain today and dismissed warnings that the coalition's austerity measures were behind last week's devastating riots.

In what was billed as a fightback speech after the turmoil, the Prime Minister said: "These riots were not about government cuts - they were directed at high street stores, not Parliament."

Mr Cameron insisted that while there were local triggers, most of the disturbances had been down to "pure criminality" and "a twisted moral code."

Speaking at a youth centre in Oxfordshire, Mr Cameron said coalition ministers would be reviewing all policies for mending the "broken society" over the next few weeks, ranging from education to health and safety rules.

But rather than rethinking the cuts, Mr Cameron declared his intention to put "rocket boosters" under his plans to raid the health and safety rules and water down the Human Rights Act, which he said had undermined personal responsibility and common sense.

He also said he wanted to give "power back to people" by allowing individuals to buy local public services.

And he will crack down on a culture of "laziness" by scaling back the welfare state and speed up the expansion of academies.

Mr Cameron gave his speech at a youth project in Witney, where an unimpressed 17-year-old Jake Parkinson told the press: "He should stop blaming it on everyone else, he should stop living in la-la land.

"If he was doing his job right, this wouldn't be happening."

Ed Miliband renewed his calls for a full-scale inquiry and accused Mr Cameron of being "scared" to look into the real causes of social breakdown.

Speaking at his old school, Haverstock Comprehensive in north London, the Labour leader linked the widespread looting and disorder to the banking crisis, MPs' expenses scandal and phone hacking.
"Children's ideas of right and wrong don't just come from their parents and we can't honestly say the greed, selfishness and gross irresponsibility that shocked us all so deeply is confined to the looters or even to their parents.

"The bankers who took millions while destroying people's savings. The MPs who fiddled their expenses.

"The people who hacked phones at the expense of victims - greedy, selfish and immoral."

Communist Party of Britain chairman Bill Greenshields said: "The destruction and violence being wreaked on working-class communities by the Con-Dem government's 'austerity measures' is far greater than anything we have seen in recent days.

"What we are seeing in our cities reflects the anger and frustration of millions of people, who see the richest and most powerful sections of society getting richer, while they use their economic crisis to attack working people."

He called on the working class to bring an end to the Con-Dem government.

"This will need co-ordinated and increasingly general industrial action, with active and united community support."

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