Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Secret Recording: 9/11 Effects Wearing Off, Need Another Attack - Rumsfeld


  1. Consider these anomalies … Using the D/M/Y format:
    11/9/1 has a perfect bookend mirror inverse on 1/9/11:
    The date of the first WTC attack was 26/2/1993…….. 26+2+1993=2021.
    The date of the second WTC attack was 11/9/2001…. 11+9+2001=2021.
    The likely date of the third event is 1/9/2011…………… 1+9+2011=2021.
    Mossad asset Rahm “Mega” Emanuel is now in the role of Rudi Guiliani, as Mayor of Chicago.
    Larry Silverstein Associates now own the Willis (Sears) tower in Chicago.
    Former Soviet nuclear Special Services officer Dimitri Khalezov has sworn Affidavits that he witnessed documents under the Peaceful Nuclear Explosions Treaty (PNET) that declared nuclear demolition devices were located under the WTC towers and the Sears tower in Chicago.
    The Sears tower was evacuated on 11/9/2001. Why?
    Beware of bookend events on 1/9/11 and /or 10/9/11.
    I hope I’m wrong on this and that this post looks foolish in 3 days.

  2. "I hope I’m wrong on this and that this post looks foolish in 3 days. "

    don't worry, you will be.

    This video is misleading as the quotes are being used out of context, it's not an admission of an inside job, and it's not a wish for another attack.

    That said, it was an inside job with mossad fingerprints all over it, but I'm completely convinced that Rummy is NOT in on it, he actually believes this crap and is upset that, barring another attack, most americans don't believe there is a threat.

  3. Rumsfeld does not 'call' for a terrorist attack, he merely states what it would take to raise the level of concern over terrorism. The reasons for wanting to raise the level of concern is unfornately not mentioned one tiny little bit in this soundbyte, which makes the whole video kinda useless. Rumsfeld uses the term 'success' in terms of not having an attack in five years. If 'success' meant to gain more control over the population, he would not have used it in this context. All this video does is provide evidence in support of Rumsfeld's concern over the threat of terrorism. There's no evidence of anything else claimed in this video. Only that the person that made it is trying to be manipulative.