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Syria and Western Media War Propaganda

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Russian politicians and academics in Syria warns the world

The Syrian news agency SANA report that on Saturday, in solidarity with Syria, a large group of Russian intellectuals, cultural and social researchers, politicians and academics, kicked of a two week long visit to Syria. Members of the delegation expressed pride of their long friendship with Syria and said that: “What is happening in this country (Syria) is of great concern to us as individuals, to our country and the concern we share for our own homes, not far away from the Syrian borders.

What is taking place in the house of Syria; also have an unwanted impact on our own house. Western neo-conservatives in collaboration with its international coercers have plotted a secret plan to carry out sinister acts against Syria, a conspiracy with political incentives. We are here to say that we are ready to provide support for the Syrian people at this moment of our history”.

The Vice President of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Party, André Falibov said that:

“We are here today to see what is unfolding in Syria, we will assess the situation and after express our believes, that the solution to Syria’s internal conflict lies in the hands of the Syrian people, and in the command of President Bashar al-Assad and his adviser, who are both capable to confront this sinister conspiracy aimed at overthrow the Syrian government.”

- Mr. Falibov added:

The Russian delegation will transfer gathered information throughout the Russian media and to a broader segment of the Russian society.

On his part, Vićlav Matuszov, the President of the Russian Association for Friendship and Cooperation with the Arab countries, said that:

“The Russian position is quite different from U.S. relations, not only towards Syria, but toward the entire Arab world, since Russia views the developments on the Arab arena through the careful examination of a geopolitical perspective, not from the standpoint of a regional communal politic.”

Matuszov added:

“We have accurate information from valid intelligence sources, Western intelligence, not Russian or Arabic are providing important facts to us, that the West, United States and neo-conservatives in U.S, and members of the Jewish lobby inside the U.S. congress, are plotting the U.S. action plan of vandalisms that unfolds in Arab countries without exception, and these schemes are planned for years, step by step. And I can assure you, that not only Syria is under attack, but Arab societies at large. Aimed to weaken the Islamic and Arab world to make it manageable i.e.
inoperative and powerless, paralyze the economy and political activities. With the consolidation of U.S. hegemony over a new international economic system, as a first step - a Western hegemony across the region. Russia sees these developments as the beginning of a U.S. expansion of hegemony against the Muslim world and the Middle East region; if uncontrolled it will paralyze the world politically.”

Vićlav Matuszov concluded :

“It is a great honor for the Russian delegation to visit Syria in this difficult time,”- explaining that: Russia will stand in the front- line of defense against the first serious plans by U.S. to take control in the Arab and Muslim world .We are able to solve internal problems without state intervention, we have political and moral strength, and we can affirm that the this covert imperialist/Zionist hegemony project will hit the wall and not be able to destroy the country of Syria ”.

Mohamed Salah Dinov, President of the Islamic Council of Russia, said that:

Syria is the most important country in the Arab and Muslim world,”- stressing- “Russia's support for Syria's government and its people.  Russia is in opposition to any foreign interference in internal affairs." Mr. Dinovsaid that: I believe that external actors are intervening in the Syrian affairs, intending to spread chaos and instability. Hence Syria has always been supportive of the national resistance, in both Lebanon and Palestine, and this support has become an obstacle to the Zionist projects, planted in discord and violation of the sanctities within the Arab society’.”

Furthermore, the press contact of the Russian newspaper, Pravda, Elena Bakayva said that:

“Western media do not report the truth, as it is waging a media war against Arab countries and the Middle East and conducting a malicious campaign to back them up. Bakayva confirm that Western media distorts the facts in cooperation with Arab satellite channels...

And she conclude:

“We have kept watching for months, the events in Syria and we see now how to cover the Arab channels , the particularly Al-Jazeera ,which became the right hand of the first Western journalists, against the region, confirming that with certainty, they are working for and paid by third parties.”

Elena Bakayva went to Syria as a representative of the newspaper Pravda, to transfer unbiased facts about what is going on in Syria and the Arab world.

Boris Dolubov on the other hand is a senior researcher and professor at the Institute of Orientalism and the Academy of Political Science in Moscow; he said that he wanted to visit Syria to see for his own eyes what is going on.

“I have visited Syria more than once and I know well of its friendly people, and I know the size in economic and social achievements during the last decades in Syria." Dolubov expressed his belief that: Attempts of foreign interference in Syrian affairs aimed at imposing dominance to change Syrian policy, in particular its foreign policy ...He said “We know that Syria supports the Palestinian national resistance and this policy is not stemming well with the goals of the Israelis and some Western countries. The Syrian leadership is the national leadership; they want to make internal reforms, “

Dolubov was stressing that –

“The solution to the crisis in Syria is in the hands of the Syrians without external intervention, in all its forms."

For his part, Aleg Graybkov, the deputy editor of the Arabic section of the Radio Voice of Russia said:

”We came to Syria to assess the reality of the situation here, my professional crew intended to study the Media work here, to inform the outside world everything we observe and that's what I'll do, I feel and I wish with all my heart that the Syrian people, will come out of this crisis, which has become very challenging in these final stages.. In my view there are a lot of factors that can prove it."

Oleg Fomin, Co-Chair of the Committee of Russia's solidarity with Syria and Libya, and joint chairman of the Society for Economic Cooperation and Social Foundation, Moscow - Aleppo said that :
“My visit to Syria is an expression of solidarity with the Syrian people, and I reject any foreign interference whatsoever in the internal affairs of the  sovereign country of Syria ."

Fomin explained that the Russian Solidarity Committee is representing a broad range of social groups in Russia, professors, intellectuals and young people, diplomats and members of the Parliament and the upper Chamber and the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation. Fomin said that: “The relations between our two countries are dating back hundreds of years. The first Bishop in Kiev, which is dating back a thousand years, was Michael Ceren, a Syrian who said:” ..: Syria is the best example of the fruit of nationalism”-  and that’s how it want to remain, we understand that external enemies want to ruin this beautiful image of Syria, for their own purposes, adding that; We as a committee will spare no effort to defend Syria -  and the enemies  of Syria are the enemies of all honest Russian people and enemies of the rest of the world. "

For his part, Shamil Sultanov, President of the Center for the Study of Russia and the Muslim world, and the head of the previous parliament, to Syria's pivotal role in the region and the world outside Syria. He said that: What is unfolding in Syria will affect the world in every direction, and the consequences of what is happening here, will reflect on the international situation, and our global and world politics. Syria is exposed to an external plot, external because it is located in the closest region where the resistance in the region arises from, against the conspirators of this region."

Alexander Brochanov, the editor of Zafter Russia, Head of the Russian journalists club, said earlier:

“Syria is exposed to a media conspiracy against universe and – I am the editor of one of the most important newspapers of Russia. Hence, our newspaper has become very popular, and my intention is to talk to my readers about the fact that Syria, is exposed to a major plot, through the funding of acts of sabotage, and the transfer of arms to the (opposition), with the sinister aim to violently change Syrian policy in the direction, as it has been planned by the some Western country and among its interlockers.”- Brochanov concluded: “The major reforms undertaken by President Assad would have a positive impact on the lives of the Syrian people, and to the future life of Syria. So we will standby until these reforms are achieved, intended to give Syria peace and security.” adding  that Russia:” At the same time Russia is defending Syria, it is guarding historical relations between our two countries, the warm and caring  friendship, which have evolved throughout the history.“

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