Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hillary Clinton mocked: Gaddafi Goodwill glamour daughter

The Examiner
Deborah Dupre

Hillary Clinton defending Obama regime's illegal war for Libyan oil snubbed by Aisha Gaddafi
Colonel Gaddafi's glamorous lawyer daughter and Goodwill Ambassador battling AIDS and violence against women plus losing her infant daughter killed in US led bombing, spoke to the press first time since U.S. atrocities on Libyans escalated, pointing a finger at U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama, blaming the West for interfering in Libya when it was soon to unveil its constitution in its democratic reform, and threatening the United States for its continued illegal war on her oil-rich country.

According to the Daily Mail, one of Gaddafi's eight children, Aisha Gaddafi, 36, demonstrated defiance against Hillary Clinton, the woman who advised in March that, no matter what Congress said or how it voted, she was defending the Obama regime's continued assaults on the people of Libya.
Laughingly, Ms. Gaddafi, who specializes in violence against women issues, asked Hillary Clinton, "Why didn’t you leave the White House when you found out about the cheating of your husband?"
Ms. Gaddafi, described as the "Claudia Schiffer of North Africa" by Arabic press, "could have easily graced the pages of Vogue magazine, but she opted for a role to further her father's cause," International Business Times has reported. (See embedded,"Aisha Gathafi Aïcha Kadhafi Princesse de la Paix עיישה קדאפי عائشة القذافي," music video, Youtube, page left.)
Ms. Gaddafi, slated as Libya's next beloved leader and hailed as a major present leader in the people's struggle as seen in Tripoli on April 14. (Watch "Aisha Gaddafi visiting Bab El Aziziz in Tripoli, Libya 14 Apr 2011," Youtube)
She has been the Goodwill Ambassador for United Nations Development Program (UNDP) since 2009. She has worked as an emissary in Africa's battle against HIV, and also violence against women. 
The Independent reported that the UN relieved her from her duties after the war on Libya began, calling it a "bloody repression of a revolt against her father in Libya."
Ms. Gadaffi said that rebels fighting for independence from her father's regime were 'terrorists' according to the Daily Mail.
Alex Newman, a journalist for The New American, wrote in April that many of the rebels fighting the Libyan dictatorship are affiliated with known terrorist organizations including al-Qaeda. Of course, some of them are also apparently part of the establishment, too, as evidenced by the rebel council’s seemingly odd decision to set up a new central bank amidst the chaos.
Ms Gaddafi warned America, "The opposition in Iraq told the West that when you come to Iraq, they will greet you with roses. Almost ten years later, they are receiving the Americans with bullets."
"Believe me, the situation in Libya will be much worse,' she added.

Ms. Gaddafi sued NATO for bombing the building in Gaddafi's compound that allegedly killed her brother, Saif al-Arab Muammar al-Gaddafi, and her own infant daughter, plus two other grandchildren of her father.

On August 22, "Libyan rebels" stormed Ms. Gaddafi's home, and for months after, it was unclear what had became of her.

Hillary Clinton's unwavering support of lawlessness and human rights abuses

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton "told a classified congressional hearing that the Obama regime would ignore Congress if it tried to rein in the unconstitutional war in Libya, but that the administration would send press releases to lawmakers, according to news reports," reported Alex Newman in the New American on April 1, 2011.
"When Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) asked Clinton during the briefing what the regime’s response would be to Congress exercising its constitutional authority over war, the Secretary said Obama would proceed with the war anyway, according to a senior Republican lawmaker in attendance cited by Talking Points Memo
Newman stated, "Apparently the regime has “legal opinions” that justify the “kinetic military action.”
"The Secretary’s answer reportedly surprised even attendees because “Clinton plainly admitted the administration would ignore any and all attempts by Congress to shackle President Obama's power as Commander in Chief to make military and wartime decisions,” TPM reported. Other news reports citing lawmakers reported similar findings.
"They are not committed to following the important part of the War Powers Act," Rep. Sherman complained to TPM after the original piece was published, referring to the Act's time constraints on executive-branch wars. "She [Hillary Clinton] said they are certainly willing to send reports and if they issue a press release, they'll send that to us too."
At the time of Newman's report in April, despite the "no boots on the ground" rhetoric spewed on national mainstream news programs, CIA agents were already in Libya. 

"And even before the war was launched," wrote Newman, "the U.S. government was organizing weapons transfers to the rebels through Egypt and Saudi Arabia, according to media reports."
On May 31, 2011, Dupré wrote that former oil executive and political analyst Ian Crane, who has evidenced that the Gulf of Mexico oil explosion and subsequent operation was a false flag - depopulation event, had then recently spoken on Russia Today about the U.S. led war on Libya media story smokescreen for seizing Libyan oil.
Libya's oil reserves are the largest in Africa and ninth largest in the world.
Alsha Gadaffi has said about her father, "He never changes. He is a man of principles, he believes in causes, defending the poor and underdog, he never changes the main ideas that he believes in."
At this week's press conference, Ms Gadaffi called for peace talks, saying 'the world should come together at a round table,' but Clinton, Obama and the Pentagon have refused to even confer with those it is legally bound to in the United States.
As Newman wrote, "The lawless precedent set by this attitude toward Congress — even worse than what went on under the Bushes, Clinton, and other past Presidents — will certainly have long-lasting consequences."

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