Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Desert Peace

Freedom Flotilla Participants: Israel Piracy On Our Ships Will Not Be Easy

Brussels - Participants of the freedom flotilla 2 bound for Gaza said on Tuesday that Israeli attempts to take over their ships will not be easy, assuring that activists will not use violence at all.

According to reports from the European campaign to lift the siege on Gaza, Dr. Lin Vientiane, coordinator for the Irish group participating in the flotilla said that activists have taken an oath among themselves to foil any Israeli attempts to take over the ships that are only taking humanitarian aid supplies to besieged Gaza strip residents.

Last year, on May 31, Israeli navy forces attacked the freedom flotilla while it was sailing in international waters, killing nine activists and injuring 54.

According to the European campaign to lift the siege on Gaza, the flotilla will depart on schedule. There are no delays, as some media sources had reported, said organizers.

“The Flotilla will have scores of activists from 40 different countries and will depart next week as scheduled without any changes,” Rami Abdo, coordinator of the European campaign to life the siege on Gaza announced.

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