Saturday, June 25, 2011

NPR Spreads Holder-Propaganda

Remember that NPR is "balanced"?
Only if "balanced" means reading from Eric Holder's script.

"Current and former federal officials say their hands are tied because of weak U.S. gun laws. Possessing a gun isn't a crime, unlike, say, possessing cocaine. And, in order to bring a prosecution, the government must demonstrate a straw purchaser had bad intentions." --Drivel of NPR

No, they have to demonstrate he was a straw purchaser. He was buying a gun for someone else...

"Intent" is NOT relevant.

Sure, there's more!!

"Issa and ATF whistleblowers who protested to no avail

with their supervisors in Arizona say the number of Fast and Furious guns still unaccounted for could top 1,000. But authorities are telling Congress the numbers could be far lower. Documents obtained by NPR and provided to lawmakers suggest that 568 weapons tied to Fast and Furious have been located: 372 in the U.S. and 196 more in Mexico."
--Holder/NPR bullshit machine
I'd expected NPR at least to do simple math. The number of guns allowed to walk has been reported as 1,700 or 2,500. Subtract 568 from those and you get 1,132 to 1,932

Math is hard.

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