Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jewish Rabbi Condemns Zionism, Urges World to Differentiate Judaism from Zionism

Fars News

Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss condemned the usurper Zionist regime, and said Zionism has stolen the name of Judaism and twisted it to oppress the Palestinians. 

"Zionists have totally twisted … Judaism and what is humane, and godly," Rabbi Weiss said on the sidelines of the International Conference on the Global Fight against Terrorism in the Iranian capital of Tehran.

"Zionism is the abuse of what is legitimate and godly such as Judaism to oppress people, and it is the root cause of the endless river of bloodshed," he added.

"We, as Jews, have seen the maligning and misconstruing of what and who is evil and who is a victim," the rabbi continued.

He stressed that Palestinians, who are the real victims, are labeled as villains and as against the Jewish people.

"The world should comprehend what is true terrorism and should unify to stop it speedily and peacefully," he noted.

"We come to present and to clarify the truth that the ones who are committing terrorism … are the Zionists," Rabbi Weiss reiterated.

The two-day International Conference on Campaign against Terrorism started in Tehran on Saturday with officials of more than 80 countries as well as regional and international organizations in attendance.

Presidents, prime ministers, foreign ministers and the ministers in charge of terrorism as well as counter-terrorism experts are present in the event.

Iraqi, Pakistani, Afghan and Tajik presidents and several ministers have participated in the high-profile gathering which is aimed at increasing international convergence and coordination in fighting terrorism.

The topics being discussed in the summit include various aspects of fighting terrorism, reasons behind the increasing trend of terrorist activities in the world, challenges and obstacles in the way of fighting terrorism, and enhancing appropriate counter-terrorism means and strategies on bilateral, regional and international levels.

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