Friday, April 22, 2011

Iran charges CIA and Israel to help int'l drug smugglers

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Iranian Interior Minister
Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar

Iranian Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar claimed on Thursday that America's Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Israel cooperate to make the Iranian youth addicted to narcotics.

Mohammad-Najjar made the remark in the meeting of Council for Campaign against Narcotics in Kordestan's provincial capital of Sanandaj on Thursday.

He said that the enemies are making extensive efforts behind Iran's eastern borders to achieve their mischievous goals of making Iranian youth to become drug-addicted.

'The Zionists and the CIA agents along Iran-Afghanistan joint borders help the drug traffickers,' the minister added.

Pointing to 950 kilometers of common border between Iran and Afghanistan, Mohammad-Najjar said that Afghanistan is one of the main sources for production and export of narcotics so that the enemies who stationed behind the borders considerably help smugglers in export of narcotics.

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