Thursday, April 21, 2011

Voices of Opposition • Iran: Can There a New 'Grand Bargain'?

Dr. Richard Eaton
Mohamed AlBaradei's recent observations in Der Spiegel was the subject of a lecture by Dr. Richard Eaton at a Voices of Opposition event.  Voices of Opposition, a lecture and film series developed in Tucson, AZ.  

The reference is to a "Grand Bargain", which was Iran's offer of peace and cooperation with the United States prior to the U.S. invasion of Iraq.  The U.S. had ignored Iran's offer, so the discussion by Dr. Richard Eaton is looking at what can be salvaged and what hope is left for a sane foreign policy initiative.

Every Monday during the fall and spring semesters, in an effort to present the public with an alternative to the standard media outlets, they present free socially conscious political films and lectures that address the issues that all of us face from day to day, but which our 'leaders' can't seem to solve, our media just doesn't seem to cover, and no one seems to analyze as a symptom of a larger problem.

Keep an eye out for additional broadcasts and DVD's available of these series.  They will include talks by Dahr Jamail, Jody Gibbs, Norman Finkelstein, Dacajeweiah, Linda Green, Dr, Leila Hudson, and Dr. Julian Kunnie.

Special:  9/11 Hunger Strike at McCain's office.  Profile of Blair Gatsby.

Lecture by Dr. Richard Eaton, Professor of Near Eastern Studies, University of Arizona, April 14th, 2008.

This episode, from its original broadcast, contains a quick look at the 9/11 Hunger Strike in front of Senator John McCain's office before Dr. Eaton's presentation. 

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