Tuesday, April 26, 2011

US evacuating Syria embassy, Issues travel warning

Iron Mill

The United States has ordered embassy family members and some non-emergency personnel to leave Syria, citing the “uncertainty and volatility” of a crackdown on protesters there.

The State Department’s directive early Tuesday, along with a travel warning telling US citizens to leave the country, followed another day of violent attacks on protesters by Syrian security forces. At least 26 people in Deraa were reported killed on Monday in assaults by Syrian tanks and troops.

“The Department of State has ordered all eligible family members of US government employees as well as certain non-emergency personnel to depart Syria,” the statement said, according to Agence-France Press.

“Embassy operations will continue to the extent possible under the constraints of an evolving security situation,” it said.

“US citizens in Syria are advised to depart while commercial transportation is readily available,” the statement said.

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