Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nisar says he knows ‘facilitators’ of Davis, ready to expose them

Daily Times

ISLAMABAD: Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan asserted on Wednesday that the government was not ready to own all issues concerning the country’s security. The top Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader made this assertion in the Lower House of parliament as the role of the country’s intelligence agencies once again came under the limelight during Wednesday’s proceedings. After a fierce protest by the PML-N, Nisar kept its tirade against the government for its apathy towards several issues confronting the country and focused mostly on the ISI, drone attacks and CIA operative Raymond Davis.

About ISI Director General Lt Gen Ahmad Shuja Pasha’s visit to the US, Nisar asked the government to answer that what had made the ISI chief to cut short his visit to the US from three days to one day. He also said that due to this, ISI-CIA relations at low ebb and the refusal by the US to stop drone attacks, doubts had been haunting the minds. The opposition leader claimed that he had substantial evidence and knew that who had made possible the exit of Davis from Pakistan. “I have been able to collect solid evidence in the Davis case and I am ready to share it,” said Nisar. However, he refused to share the proof with the government and offered to place it before the House instead.

He said it was up to the government whether it would like to discuss it in an open session or in-camera session of parliament. Nisar demanded the government to summon officials of the country’s intelligence agencies in a session and ask them to clear their positions in the Davis issue. tanveer ahmed

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