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War Crimes: Conditions of Palestinian Political Prisoners in 2010 130 intrusions to Palestinian prisoners' cell-rooms and tents

Global Research
by Friends of Humanity International

Friends of Humanity International releases detailed report about the conditions of Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails in the last year 2010. The organization has also confirmed that this year was unusual to the Palestinian prisoners. More than 130 brutal and humiliating intrusions executed by the Israeli Prison service and forces against the Palestinians rooms and tents in many jails. Meanwhile its following up to intrusive operations, the rightful band documentized big amount of hostilities and brutal inspections assaulted by the Israeli prison service units and special forces on the prisoners rooms and tents which can be accounted as follows: 

- Launching tear-gas to suffocate prisoners. 

- Beating prisoners using electronic sticks. 

- Confiscating prisoners possessives and belongings. 

- Isolating some prisoners in individual isolating cells. 

- Executing random transferring to prisoners from a prison to others as happened to Hadareem jail prisoners in which Israeli prison service units intruded and oppressed prisoners then transfer them from section 3 to section 5. 

- Moreover, Israeli prisons security units destroyed walls on rooms and shifted all prisoners to a lifeless section with even no basics of living. Israeli prison authorities alleged that they were looking for forbidden-smuggled mobiles. 

The same brutal intrusion and suppression has been repeatedly executed against prisoners in Nafha jail, in which hundreds of long-terms and life imprisonments-sentences prisoners detained in. Thus, dozens of prison security units aggressively intruded the jail many times. They attacked and humiliate prisoners to the extent that the jail officer calls one prisoner's wife which waged a furious uprising among prisoners inside the jail. 

Later, the prison administration has presented apology on this immoral behavior and promised to open an investigation to this accident. 

Reemon Jail is another grief story. The chief of this prison is constantly humiliating and degrading prisoners throughout frequent mid-night inspections and suppression to prisoner rooms by which pushed prisoners to warn higher Jail authorities that a special escalation and procedures will be protested against this brutal chief if he continues his provocative and humiliating intrusions and hostilities against prisoners in Reemon jail. 

Correspondingly, the organization confirmed registering many constant intrusions by the Israeli special forces to the Palestinian female prisoners' rooms for the sake of provocative frequent inspections and humiliations. This disgustingly occurs in front of a queue of Israeli soldiers in the time of inspection. Lately, the Israeli Prison service has escalated humiliating and provocating all Palestinians prisoners in all jails through adapting abrupt assault and intrusion to prisoners' rooms and confiscating their possessives and belongings by which made life of prisoners instable and incontinent. 

Hence, regarding the usual techniques of inspections and suppression, the organization has published a precise description of jails intrusions and inspection that executed by special security forces called Mitsada or Nakhshoon. These special forces frequently intrudes and attack prisoners rooms and tents in path of inspecting or looking for forbidden materials or escape dug-tunnels. They aggressively and inhumanly intrude rooms and tie prisoners blocking them in a place then hold a very accurate inspection to everything in the rooms. They inspect electric-light bottoms, beds, clothes, WC even TV. They open it and make sure prisoners haven't hid anything inside it. 

Accordingly, the organization has clarified that number of Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails reached 6600 prisoner in the last year as follows: 

· 35 Palestinian female prisoners. 

· 9 Palestinian legislative council members. 

· 270 kids and children under 18 age in which international laws forbidden arresting them.
· % 79 of prisoners is already sentenced. 

· 820 prisoners have been sentenced to life imprisonment or even duple or triple life imprisonments.
· 5 Palestinian female prisoners were sentenced to life imprisonment. 

· 307 prisoners arrested by the Israeli occupying forces before Oslo Agreement for Peace that was signed by Palestinian and Israeli parts in 1993. These prisoners are commonly called, old prisoners. 

· 120 prisoners have eventually spent more than 20 years in the Israeli jails. 

· 3 prisoners have spent more than 30 years in the Israeli jails, they are: Nael Al Barghouthy, Fakhri Al Barghouthy and Akram Mansour. 

· More than 1000 prisoners are prevented to obtain the right of family visit in jails.
Vienna, April 23, 2011 

Full Report- word attached 

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