Sunday, April 17, 2011

US committed to support Israeli crimes


The United States continues to increase its
military aid to Israel. Washington is now
providing Tel Aviv with at least eight point
two million dollars every day.
Interview with Hani al-Bassous, Islamic University of Gaza, The Gaza Strip 

The US House of Representatives has approved millions of dollars in military aid to Israel, as it is witnessing crimes committed by Tel Aviv against people in the Palestinian territories.  
In an interview with Hani al-Bassous, from Islamic University of Gaza, Press TV has discussed the US double standard policies towards different countries.

PressTV: Gaza has definitely seen crimes committed by Israel on its people. Meanwhile, the US continues to increase its aid to Israel. It is now providing Israel with at least eight point two million dollars every day. How Israel would be survived without the support of the United States?

Al-Bassous: Well, I believe the committee which is made by the Unites States to Israel by sending them money on an annual basis and the commitment which was made just today by the Congress, all is paid to Israel to commit more crimes against the Palestinian people.

We have witnessed for the past two or three years that how many times the Gaza Strip has been attacked and the money that has been allocated by the Congress -- over two hundred million dollars -- will be given to the Israeli side to buy more arms and weapons to launch more attacks on people in the Gaza Strip. This money was given to the Israeli side specifically to by batteries of missiles to launch more attacks against the Palestinian people in Gaza.

People in Gaza believe that the American side has given more money to the Israeli side to commit more crimes against the Palestinian people. Such commitment from the American side to the Zionist entity gives Israel a free hand to commit more crimes against the people of the Gaza Strip and to buy more tanks and warplanes to launch more attacks against civilians in Gaza.

This comes amid the warnings by the Israeli military leaders and politicians, who were saying that they are going to launch more attacks against the Gaza Strip if the Palestinians do not stop launching home-made rockets against Israel.

I think these threats against the Palestinian community and the Palestinian factions were mainly supported by the United States Administration.

PressTV: There has been condemnation by the international community of what the US says are the use of cluster bombs in Libya by Moammar Gaddafi. However, when Israel had used cluster bombs, phosphorous bombs and depleted uranium weapons, nothing was said. Why is that? And will this expose the hypocritical nature of the United States foreign policy?

Al-Bassous: Well, this is what is called double standard policy which has been adopted by the United States for several decades to support Israel.

What is happening in Libya and other places, in which the United States is criticizing the regimes and supporting the people, was expected to happen in the Gaza Strip during the Israeli war in December 2008.

While Israel was using all its military power against civilians in the Gaza Strip, we did not witness any position by the US against Israel.

This is what is called hypocrisy and double standard policy. We believe here in the Gaza Strip that the American administration has a commitment to support the Israeli regime. They believe that this would help the process of peace in the region but we think that this will jeopardize any chance for peace in the Middle East. 

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