Sunday, May 22, 2011

Aid Flotilla organizers seek protection, Israel might attack

Palestine Telegraph

Gaza Strip, (Pal Telegraph) - The European campaign to end the siege on Gaza Strip (ECESG)  appealed the international community to provide protection for  the upcoming Freedom Flotilla 2, which is expected to sail in late June to Gaza Strip.

The campaign said in a press release that the Israeli threats to attack the flotilla is considered a violation to the international laws and conventions.

The campaign added that Israel in the last week  opened fire at the Malaysian aid ship, which was sailing in the international territorial water, indicating that Israeli government will also attack participants of the next flotilla.

As occurred last year, Israel illegally assaulted the peaceful international activists on the board of the Freedom Flotilla 1 in an event described as a massacre, leaving nine Turks killed and several injured.
The campaign confirmed that the European humanitarian ships are preparing to sail toward the besieged Gaza strip in an attempt to ease restrictions imposed by Israel for more than five years.

Pointing out that the campaign will prepare the names of the participants who will meet at the port of Genoa, in the north-west of Italy passing through the Italian coast toward Gaza Strip.

In the same context, a French ship will lunch from the port of Marseille at the end of June to join the Freedom Flotilla 2 heading to Gaza Strip.

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  1. I understand with the fear of being attacked by Israel in international waters. Since the USS Liberty there has been a long history of Israel ignoring internal law because no one will speak up because the loyal goons of the zionist march to empire will attack. No one wants to be label anti semitic because they disapprove of starving old woman and children.