Friday, May 27, 2011

US And IAEA Knew Fukushima Had Meltdown Within Hours Of Japan Earthquake And Hid It From The Public


A new report reveals that US and IAEA officials knew since March that the Fukushima nuclear power plant suffered a nuclear meltdown within 3.5 hours of the Japan earthquake and subsequently hid it from the public.

Today we learn that top US officials and the IAEA was presented with data that showed the Fukushima nuclear reactor suffered a nuclear meltdown within 3.5 hours of the Japan earthquake but didn’t inform the public over the last 2 months because they were waiting for TEPCO to officially confirm the data.

EX-SKF writes:

Mainichi English: US Researcher Says Fukushima Reactor Had Meltdown 3.5 Hours after Cooling System Collapsed

A US researcher Chris Allison did the simulation of one of the Fukushima reactors (Reactor 1) and concluded that the meltdown occurred 3.5 hours after the cooling system stopped. It was reported to the IAEA in late March.

So they all knew, except for the hapless citizens of Japan and the rest of the world.
Or they say “Oh we didn’t know for sure until May 15 when TEPCO finally announced it,” like Japan’s PM Kan has said.

We do not know for sure, because no one has looked inside the RPV and reported back to us. All we can do is to collect the evidence and hypothesize, and that has been pointing to a meltdown. Even the PM Assistant has admitted that they knew it was a meltdown early on.

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