Monday, May 30, 2011

A dead Marine and a silent sheriff

...And an illustration of the state of Tucson journalism:

William Heuisler
On May 5th a Pima County Sheriff’s special weapons team malfunctioned asymmetrically:
SWAT arrived, broke into a private home, and shot a homeowner in less than a minute, but medical attention for that same homeowner was delayed for more than an hour. Why the haste...and the delay?

Police serve and protect. Most law enforcement officers serve the public unselfishly and with a day-to-day heroism matched only in our Armed Services. The May 5th unbalanced actions and reactions of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department were not due to the individual officers.
Police militarization killed Marine veteran, Jose Guerena.

Misuse of military-style special weapons teams to serve search warrants on residences of veterans and gun owners has become common. Traditionally, detectives served daylight residential search warrants quietly, politely and with as little disruption as possible. Although militarized raids are supposedly safer for officers, the new tactics endanger the people police should be protecting. On May 5th many police bullets were found to have passed through neighbors’ homes.

 During the May 5th assault, unnecessary speed prevented communication with civilians. Videos and reports show no communication at all between Deputies and Jose Guerena in the 45 seconds before shooting began. Why not?

 Case #110503248  (Search warrant - 7100 block of south Redwater Street in Tucson). Supervisor - Sergeant Krygier’s 11-page statement can be viewed as a PDF in 5/27 Arizona Daily Star.

Sergeant Krygier excerpts:
Page 3, line 27

 “As I got out of the Bearcat, uh, Almaraz, I think, left the siren going too long, ‘cause we don’t wanna keep it going, because obviously then we can’t hear.
Page 11, line 17

“…the siren had gone on for too long.” (Echavarri, 2011)

A 45 second video (Echavarri, 2011) shows the siren drowning out police commands until six seconds before the door was breached. Shooting began almost immediately. Assaulting a private home like an enemy fortress is senseless. Needless haste and sirens are counterproductive. Those decisions – and delaying medical aid – are policy and training.

After the Jan. 8th Jared Loughner murders, Sheriff Dupnik was full of angry accusations. Now his policies have caused the death of a citizen during service of a search warrant. Could the Sheriff explain why a siren was used? Or why deputies were so quick to shoot and so slow to allow medics (already on the scene) to render aid to a Marine veteran?

Sheriff Dupnik is ultimately responsible. For three weeks he has been uncharacteristically silent.

 Echavarri, F. (2011). Arizona Daily Star. Complex drug probe triggered SWAT raid. Related documents (PDF: statements of officers involved in SWAT raid).


  1. Can someone run against this sheriff next election?

  2. Speculate, since the reason will not be on paper unless someone confesses. If the situation happened in my town, it would be because the victim was a witness to large scale hard drug trafficing by [a friend of the police chief] or the (Can't say here, wouldn't be safe for me by nightfall). This whole case reeks of threat of discovery by the person asking for the warrant.Or the on site ranking officer is whack.
    The other possibility is the returning soldier was telling his community of the military bringing in the opium harvest for the top ranking hoodlums, whoever they are. The Taliban had almost irradicated opium , so it was not them.

  3. Illuminati are brilliant. Get us all fighting with each other. Marines against cops. Vets against cops. Cops against citizens. Meanwhile, congressmen pull in huge bonuses and perks, Bernanke & Geithner send trillions to the Cayman Islands. Obama flits around with other maggots at the G8 playing god and deciding who lives and who dies.

    Unite people. It's us, meaning all cops & military & citizens against the illuminati. Instead of killing each other, go for Evelyn & Jacob Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Dupoints, the board of GE, the board of Monsanto etc. Just getting rid of the federal reserve bank owners would take a humungous weight of tyranny off the shoulders of the citizens of the world.

    (My Marine brothers, do handle this quickly & quietly. I usually advise and practice what I preach to give vengeance to Christ, but this one is just too wretched. Extreme prejudice on this one brothers.)

  4. > Police serve and protect.

    Nope. They enforce the law, which sometimes crosses ways with protecting (however, not always the victims), and practically never serving.

    > Most law enforcement officers serve the public unselfishly and with a day-to-day heroism matched only in our Armed Services.

    From what I've seen so far in my 50 years, the only thing they protect is themselves and their ego. Could you provide an example of that heroism, not even day-to-day, but just a single one?