Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Parts of confessions made by detained spies to be broadcast soon


Tehran, May 25, IRNA – Minister of Information (Intelligence) Heidar Moslehi announced Wednesday that parts of confessions made by members of the busted espionage network would be broadcast soon. 

“Their fates will become clear soon,” Moslehi told reporters on the sidelines of today’s cabinet session.

On May 21, Iran’s Information Ministry announced that it has identified and eliminated a complicated espionage and sabotage network related to the CIA.

Members of the network “were to sabotage activities in the fields of Iran’s peaceful nuclear programs, gas and oil industries and the country’s Ministry of Energy,” Moslehi said.

He added that the network was also to find access to 'a series of softwares related to different organizations.”

Last Saturday, the ministry’s public relations office said in a statement that Iran's intelligence forces inside and outside the country have succeeded to identify and completely destroy the network which was “affiliated to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).”

The network was “established by a number of leading CIA members” in some of world countries, said the statement.

It added that the US-related espionage network was working as the so-called job-finding centers attracting Iranian civilians to cooperate with them by promising them job and education opportunities.

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  1. Hey, if they're all found guilty, we can house them at any number of our facilities from GITMO to our puppet states like Saudi Arabia if you prefer something closer to home