Monday, May 23, 2011

Israel-US behind Muslim-Coptic riots in Egypt

Uprooted Palestians

Western anti-Muslim extremists never let escape any religious incident in the Muslim world without cashing on their ‘Islamophobic’ nature. The recent clashes between certain Muslim groups and the Coptic Christian minority in Egypt being flashed around the world by the Zionist-controlled media – are used to demonize the country’s Islamic organization, Muslim Brotherhood, for their intolerance toward non-Muslims. Israel and its western-poodles have openly declared their fear of Muslim Brotherhood coming into power in Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Tunisia.

The western media, as expected, was mum on the the issue which started the recent religious clash – leaving 13 people dead, over 100 injured and two churches damaged. It was not Muslims’ intolerance but the Christian intolerance which incited the sectarian strife. A young Christian woman Abeer Fakhry ound esape from her abusive Christian husband by marrying a Muslim. While the Coptic Church itself complains of discrimination by the country’s Muslim majority, this case also highlights denial of the freedom practised by the Church itself against its own members. Salwa, another young Christian mother of three who had converted to Islam seven years ago, was killed by members of her Christian family. One of her children was also killed. Her Muslim husband was injured.

Western media have shown clips of how the Coptic minority, like Israel, prefers Hosni Mubarak’s dictorial rule – because Hosni Mubarak looked the other way as the followers of Pope Shenouda chased converts to Islam in a bid to bring them back to Orthodox Christianity.

In November 2010 – Egypt’s parliament Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Dr. Dr Mostafa El Feki had accused the Israeli Mossad of being behind the 2010 clashes between Christian Copts and Muslims – which left one person dead and dozens injured.

In January 2011 – former Foreign Minister Abdallah al-Ashal had blamed Mossad for Alexandria curch bombing, which killed 22 people and wounded another 80.

The Zionist Jews consider both Muslims and Christians as anti-Israel. The Zionist-controlled mainstream media has succeeded in keeping the western-majority ignorant of the fact that Christians in Israel are treated worse than the Jews were treated by the Christians in Europe in the past. The first Palestinian who started resistance against Jewish occupation of Palestine, George Habash, was a Christian – and so were the founder of Ba’ath Party (Michael Aflak), Syrian Social National Party (Antoun Saadi), and Arab nationalism (Costantine Zureik).

Between 250-1945, the Jewish communities were expelled from almost every Christian-majority European country. Tens of thousands of thess Jews took refuge in Muslim lands, such as, Muslim Spain, Palestine, Iraq, Morocco, Albania, etc. Even Arab-hating Jewish Orientalist, Dr. Bernard Lewis, had painfully admitted that Muslim Spain provided the ‘Golden Age’ for its Jewish communities.

The purpose of religious sectarian strife is to create hatred and panic among religious communities to sabotage the coming September election and make the current pro-West military junta’s rule permanent. The Zionist Jews played a similar trick on Iraqi Jewish communities in the past, making the entire Jewish population of 137,000 flee to newly created Zionist entity. American Jewish scholar Noam Chomsky confirmed recently that Washington fears democratic regimes in the Middle East.

In order to fight Israel-US evil agenda, Muslim Brotherhood has launched ‘Freedom and Justice Party’ (pending approval from the ruling military junta) with a Coptic politician Rafiq Habib as its Vice-president with 8821 members, including 978 women and 93 Copts.

Earlier Iranian Parliament (Majlis) Speaker Ali Larijani in his meeting with Fahmi Howeidi and Hassan Nafea, two Egyptian political and social scholars – warned them of the Israel-US tactics to hijack Egyptian uprising.

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