Monday, May 30, 2011

When Government Fails or Refuses to Act. It is up to us to Restore the Republic

Lone Star

Potential "Balkanization" could shape this new map if
widespread consensus fails with a proper overthrow.
The truth is if we are waiting for the ballot box to make those fundamental changes in government. I would not hold my breath waiting for it to happen. We have been trying for many election cycles to put the right people in office to reverse course of our nation or state only to be burned. We can not wait for the next election because time is crucial and they highjacked counting the vote with Electronic voting machines so politicians can maintain power.

                The people we sent to Washington and Austin Texas completely ignores the will of the people. They are following the agenda of a power completely alien to the people and not in the interest of the State. When the people we elected had the opportunity to do the right thing with overwhelming support from the people.They cave in, get weak knees and compromise with the special interest. We can not get the courts to rule in favor of the Constitution when it comes to our privacy and being secure in our persons. They decide in favor of a corrupt police state. The oath of office is for those in government from local up to the top people in power. That oath is just a ceremonial right of passage that really has no meaning to them.

                 We wanted the debt ceiling not raised in Washington and the people we sent to stop the spending caved in. Congress ignores its responsibility when the President is starting wars around the world who have not provoked any attack on us or threatened our national security.  Congress cares nothing about keeping the executive Branch in check on his power to wage war or the corruption rampant in the White House. These war or police actions are costing this nation to the point of bankruptcy.When it would serve the congress well to do the right thing. They do the opposite. They reinstated the Patriot act and expanded the war powers of the President. They are not listening to the will of the people.

                 In Texas were I live. I think what happened last week was the last straw that broke the camels back.Because when the State Senate caved into the demands of the Federal Government if they passed a bill the Texans overwhelmingly supported that reenforced state law prohibiting the TSA form groping Texans as a condition to board a plane. This agency violated Texas state law. They are charged with a felony. No one in the State government is defending Texas from the onslaught of the Federal government on Texas.The EPA shutting down our oil fields and drilling offshore.The unwillingness and the lack of security securing the southern border.The state is rolling over to tyranny without a fight. There is no leadership taking a stand against this illegal incursion in the State of Texas against a bully out of Washington DC.

                 All confidence is lost in Texas.There are calls for a convention to be formed to discuss the dissolving or dismissing the present State government holding elected office with a delegation from each county going to represent each county. This is a fail safe measure under the Texas state Constitution when the state government becomes destructive to the people. When the State legislator no long serves for the benefit of the people in Texans.It is the right of Texans to alter, or abolish the present form of government. Activist in the state of Texas are arranging getting a delegation from each county in Texas to hold a convention to alter and abolish as it is the right in the Texas state Constitution. Texans will make their own way if the government is standing in people's way. Texans will find a way if the government will not. When push come to shove Texans will throw out the parasites of the state and not submit to tyranny. Sam Houston Stated” Texas will lift its head again and stand among the nations".

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