Friday, July 22, 2011

Camp In Norway Where Shooting Occured Had Just Concluded Pro-Palestinian Rally The Day Before

Here is coverage of the Pro-Palestinian Rally:


The Foreign Minister was met with claims that Norway must recognize a Palestinian state when he visited the Labour Youth League summer camp Thursday.

During the second day of Labour Youth League summer camp at Utøya got the Labour Party's young hopefuls visit by Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store.
Together with the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation correspondent Sidsel Wold and Norwegian People's Aid Kirsten Belck-Olsen, discussed the Foreign Minister of the deadlock between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.
  As foreign minister arrived Utøya he was met with a demand from the AUF that Norway must recognize a Palestinian state.

- The Palestinians must have their own state, the occupation must end, the wall must be demolished and it must happen now, said the Foreign Minister to cheers from the audience.

Earlier this week, when Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas visited Norway, the Minister said to TV 2 news channel that Norway stands ready to recognize a Palestinian state .

- We are ready to recognize a Palestinian state.  I await the actual resolution text Palestinians will promote the UN General Assembly in September, said the Minister.
  In autumn it is expected that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will bring the matter to the UN.  Where will he ask for UN membership and recognition of a Palestinian state within the borders before the 1967 war, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

AUF would boycott
Wednesday said AUF leader Eskil Pedersen that the AUF want a unilateral economic embargo of Israel from the Norwegian side.
- Labour Youth will have a more activist Middle East policy and we have to recognize Palestine. NOK NOK's, now we have to get the peace process into a new track, said Pedersen.
  The foreign minister admitted that the situation is untenable, but believes that the boycott is the wrong tool.
  - Boycott will be to move from dialogue to monologue.  It is difficult to open the door the day we will talk with Israel, said the Minister.

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