Thursday, July 28, 2011

Norway PM Vows to Fight Terror with Democracy

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said it's still possible to have an open society with security without being na├»ve, despite last week's terror attacks. 

"I think what we have seen is that there is going to be one Norway before and one Norway after July 22," the prime minister said during a news conference Wednesday. 

"But I hope and also believe that the Norway we will see after will be more open, a more tolerant society than what we had before," he said. 

Stoltenberg defended freedom of thought, even if includes extremist views such as those held by the 32-year-old Norwegian who confessed to the Oslo bombing and following massacre at a Labor Party youth camp hours later. At least 76 people were killed in the twin attacks. 

"We have to be very clear to distinguish between extreme views, opinions - that's completely legal, legitimate to have," he said. "What is not legitimate is to try to implement those extreme views by using violence." 

Meanwhile, Denmark said Wednesday a 43-year-old Danish woman, Hanne Balch Fjalestad, had died in the attacks, marking the first confirmed foreign casualty. 

Fjalestad was working as a first aid medic at Utoya island. She leaves behind four children, including a 20-year-old daughter, Anna, who survived the island shooting. 

Anders Behring Breivik has confessed to the attacks, claiming he was trying to save the Western world from Muslim colonization.

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