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Value of the Homeland Security industry will reach as much as $194.3bn in 2011' says new Visiongain report


Homeland security (HLS) is a burgeoning market that offers a vast number of opportunities for private sector entities. Despite a spate of budget cuts and fiscal austerity measures implemented across advanced economies, visiongain calculates that the value of the HLS industry will reach as much as $194.3bn in 2011

Visiongain's latest report, The Homeland Security Market 2011-2021 expects this strong growth to continue over the next 10 years as governments in the West largely insulate HLS expenditure from cuts and as emerging markets pour unprecedented funds into defensive measures against threats such as terrorism, cyber attack, natural disasters and piracy.

Since the paradigm shift in the HLS sector triggered by the September 11, 2001 attacks, expenditure in the internal security industry has proven to be remarkably resilient. Despite the killing of al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in May 2011, governments are unlikely to feel sufficiently comfortable to reduce HLS spending by any meaningful degree. Visiongain's The Homeland Security Market 2011-2021 report shows that, although counter-terror activity remains a key element of the market, the HLS sector has expanded far beyond anti-terrorism spending and is now underpinned by a strong nexus of factors.

The growth in aviation security, for example, will be driven by considerable expansion in airport capacity throughout the developing world, as well as demand for increasingly sophisticated screening technology in advanced economies. Countries such as China, India and the UAE have initiated programmes to construct airports on a scale previously unseen, and the concomitant security demands of handling such large numbers of passengers will drive the market for aviation security measures there. Moreover, in developed countries a plethora of new technologies is slowly gaining approval.
Opportunities for private maritime security firms have soared in recent months as shippers have been forced to explore private security solutions. International and state bodies including the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) have been compelled to concede tentative approval, further boosting the demand and supply of private sea and port security equipment and services.

Visiongain is particularly bullish on the global cyber security market, with demand set to jump exponentially as cyber attacks on both government agencies and private firms grow bolder and more frequent. Cyber security has come to form a much larger share of IT firms' revenue mix in recent years, triggering a wave of acquisitions of IT security firms by defence companies. Indeed, visiongain anticipates competition in the IT security sector to grow strongly over the medium- and long-term as established companies and start ups eye increasing friction between states and non-state agents in cyberspace as a bellwether for the market's growth.

Meanwhile, the remarkable speed and scale of the anti-government uprisings across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) that reached a climax in late 2010 and early 2011 have spurred HLS spending among some emerging markets governments. This is a particularly important factor for HLS spending in China, where authorities that have long been wary of public unrest were alarmed by the unrest.

Companies that are able to offer solutions to these vulnerabilities - whether traditional or technologically advanced - will find strong demand among governments worldwide. Visiongain's latest report on homeland security is a key document for companies interested in aviation security, mass transit security, maritime security, infrastructure security, telecommunications, data and cyber security, border security, counter-terror intelligence, CBRN security and emergency response. The Homeland Security Market 2011-2021 report also offers global and country-level market size and growth forecasts of 10 leading markets over the 10 year period, providing over 110 tables and charts quantifying the market.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
1.1 The Homeland Security Market
1.2 Homeland Security Market Drivers & Restraints
1.3 Highlights of the Homeland Security Market
1.4 The Benefits of This Report
1.5 Methodology
1.6 Global Homeland Security Market Forecast
1.7 Leading National Homeland Security Market Forecast
1.8 Homeland Security Subsector Forecast

2. Introduction to the Homeland Security Market
2.1 Defining Homeland Security
2.2 Ongoing Drivers of Homeland Security Spending

3. The Global Homeland Security Market
3.1 Global Homeland Security Market
3.1.1 Global Homeland Security Market Analysis

4. Homeland Security Submarket Analysis
4.1 Aviation Security Market
4.1.1 Aviation Security Market Forecast
4.1.2 Aviation Security Market Analysis
4.1.3 Passenger Screening
4.1.4 Biometric Systems
4.1.5 Baggage Screening
4.1.6 Air Cargo Screening
4.1.7 RFID Systems
4.2. Mass Transit Security Market
4.2.1 Mass Transit Security Market Forecast
4.2.2 Mass Transit Security Market Analysis
4.2.3 Train Stations
4.2.4 Underground Systems
4.3 Maritime Security Market
4.3.1 Maritime Security Market Forecast
4.3.2 Maritime Security Market Analysis
4.3.3 Port Security
4.3.4 Cargo Screening
4.3.5 Container Security Initiative
4.3.6 Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)
4.3.7 Night Vision Security
4.3.8 Maritime Piracy
4.3.9 Transportation Worker Identification Credentials (TWICs)
4.3.10 Maritime Awareness Global Network (MAGNET)
4.4 Infrastructure Security Market
4.4.1 Infrastructure Security Market Forecast
4.4.2 Infrastructure Security Market Analysis
4.4.3 Electricity Infrastructure
4.4.4 Oil and Gas Infrastructure
4.4.5 Water Infrastructure
4.5 Telecommunications, Data and Cyber Security Market
4.5.1 Telecommunications, Data and Cyber Security Market Forecast
4.5.2 Telecommunications, Data and Cyber Security Market Analysis
4.5.3 Cyber Security
4.5.4 Telecommunications Infrastructure
4.6 Border Security Market
4.6.1 Border Security Market Forecast
4.6.2 Border Security Market Analysis
4.7 Counter-Terror Intelligence Market
4.7.1 Counter-Terror Intelligence Market Forecast
4.7.2 Counter-Terror Intelligence Market Analysis
4.7.3 Surveillance
4.7.4 Databases
4.7.5 Language Translation Systems
4.8 CBRN Security Market
4.8.1 CBRN Security Market Forecast
4.8.2 CBRN Security Market Analysis
4.9 Emergency Response Market
4.9.1 Emergency Response Market Forecast
4.9.2 Emergency Response Market Analysis
4.9.3 Public Safety Networks

5. Leading National Homeland Security Markets
5.1 US Homeland Security Market
5.1.1 US Homeland Security Market Forecast
5.1.2 US Homeland Security Market Analysis US Aviation Security Market US Telecommunications, Data and Cyber Security Market US Maritime Security Market US Infrastructure Security Market US Border Security Market US CBRN Security Market US Mass Transit Security Market US Counter-Terror Intelligence Market US Emergency Response Market
5.2 Chinese Homeland Security Market
5.2.1 Chinese Homeland Security Market Forecast
5.2.2 Chinese Homeland Security Market Analysis
5.3 Saudi Arabian Homeland Security Market
5.3.1 Saudi Arabian Homeland Security Market Forecast
5.3.2 Saudi Arabian Homeland Security Market Analysis
5.4 Indian Homeland Security Market
5.4.1 Indian Homeland Security Market Forecast
5.4.2 Indian Homeland Security Market Analysis
5.5 German Homeland Security Market
5.5.1 German Homeland Security Market Forecast
5.5.2 German Homeland Security Market Analysis
5.6 UK Homeland Security Market
5.6.1 UK Homeland Security Market Forecast
5.6.2 UK Homeland Security Market Analysis
5.7 French Homeland Security Market
5.7.1 French Homeland Security Market Forecast
5.7.2 French Homeland Security Market Analysis
5.8 UAE Homeland Security Market
5.8.1 UAE Homeland Security Market Forecast
5.8.2 UAE Homeland Security Market Analysis
5.9 Japanese Homeland Security Market
5.9.1 Japanese Homeland Security Market Forecast
5.9.2 Japanese Homeland Security Market Analysis
5.10 Italian Homeland Security Market
5.10.1 Italian Homeland Security Market Forecast
5.10.2 Italian Homeland Security Market Analysis
5.11 Rest of the World Homeland Security Market
5.11.1 Rest of the World Homeland Security Market Forecast
5.11.2 Rest of the World Homeland Security Market Analysis

6. SWOT Analysis of the Homeland Security Market 2011-2021
6.1 Strengths
6.1.1 Continuing Threat
6.1.2 National Initiatives
6.1.3 Re-orientation of Defence Policy
6.1.4 Valued Industry
6.1.5 Stable Procurement Cycles
6.1.6 Terrorist Technology Advances
6.2 Weaknesses
6.2.1 Public Sector Cutbacks
6.2.2 Lack of Private Sector Investment
6.2.3 Saturation Point of Products
6.2.4 Privacy and Civil Liberties
6.3 Opportunities
6.3.1 Broadening Nature of Homeland Security
6.3.2 Emerging Markets
6.3.3 New Technologies
6.3.4 Integration of Networks
6.3.5 Climate Change and Resource Stress
6.4 Threats
6.4.1 Double Dip Recession
6.4.2 Radical Islamic Terrorism Recedes
6.4.3 Security Technology Shifting to Cyberspace
6.4.4 Delaying Uptake While Products Mature

7. Expert Opinion
7.1 Rapiscan Systems
7.1.1 Existing Security Operations
7.1.2 London 2012 Olympic Games Contract
7.1.3 Expansion Plans amid Global Aviation Security Growth
7.1.4 Standardisation in European Aviation Security Markets
7.1.5 The 'Checkpoint of the Future'
7.1.6 The New 'Trusted Traveller' System in Aviation Security
7.1.7 The Future of 'Body Scanners'
7.1.8 Future Developments in Aviation Security
7.2 AirPatrol Corporation
7.2.1 Material Impact of Cyber Attacks
7.2.2 Government No Longer Silent on Cyber Security
7.2.3 'Paltry Investments': Private Cyber Security Companies and Government
7.2.4 The Year of Mobile Cyber Threat
7.2.5 Encryption is Insufficient
7.2.6 Internet and Mobile Banking Cyber Threats
7.2.7 Cyber Attacks up in the Cloud
7.2.8 Colonising the System
7.2.9 Sniper Attacks vs. Data Scavenging
7.2.10 Thinking Ahead in Cyber Security
7.3 International Maritime Security (IMS)
7.3.1 Current Activity in the Maritime Security Market
7.3.2 Recent Development of the Maritime Security Market
7.3.3 A Mixed Picture in Global Port Security
7.3.4 Weak Port Security Boosting Private Sector Demand
7.3.5 The Surge in Private Ship Security Services
7.3.6 The Future of Private Maritime Security

8. Leading Companies in the Homeland Security Market
8.1 Accenture
8.2 AirPatrol Corporation
8.3 Barracuda Networks
8.4 Boeing
8.5 Booz Allen Hamilton
8.6 Cassidian
8.7 Chenega Corporation
8.8 China Information Technology (CNIT)
8.9 Cobalt Light Systems
8.10 Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)
8.11 Cross Match Technologies
8.12 EADS
8.13 Electronic Data Systems
8.14 Elbit Systems
8.15 Elsight
8.16 Fidelis Security Systems
8.17 Fluor Corporation
8.18 G4S
8.19 Galliford Try
8.20 General Dynamics
8.21 General Electric (GE)
8.22 The Geo Group
8.23 HBGary
8.24 Honeywell
8.25 IBM
8.26 ICTS International
8.27 Independent Maritime Security Associates (IMSA)
8.28 Integrated Coast Guard Systems (ICGS)
8.29 International Maritime Security (IMS)
8.30 L-3 Communications
8.31 Lockheed Martin
8.32 N-Dimension Solutions
8.33 Northrop Grumman
8.34 Maritime & Underwater Security Consultants (MUSC)
8.35 QinetiQ
8.36 Rapiscan Systems
8.37 Raytheon Company
8.38 RSA
8.40 SAIC
8.41 Siemens
8.42 Smiths Group
8.43 Sophos
8.44 SRA International
8.45 Thales Group
8.46 TraceGuard Technologies
8.47 Unisys
8.48 Verint Systems
8.49 WidePoint Corporation
8.50 Zareba Security

9. Conclusions
9.1 Global Homeland Security Market Outlook
9.2 Homeland Security Submarkets Forecast
9.3 Leading National Homeland Security Markets Forecast
9.4 Continued Expansion of Homeland Security as a Concept
9.5 Growth in Emerging Markets
9.6 Growth in Specific Sectors
9.7 Continued Integration of Technology
9.8 Insulation from Cutbacks

10. Glossary

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