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The Norway Shooter's Support for Zionism: In His Own Words

Although mainstream media is comparing the Norway shooter to Nazis, the shooter actually has contempt for Adoph Hitler and subscribes to a form of nationalism that includes Zionism.

The following is an excerpt from a 1500 page document written by Norway shooter Anders Behring Breivik (writing under the pseudonym Andrew Berwick) where he explains his contempt for "liberal Jews" and his support of Zionism and Zionist Jews:

The great Satan, his cult and the Jews

Whenever someone asks if I am a national socialist I am deeply offended. If there is one historical figure and past Germanic leader I hate it is Adolf Hitler. If I could travel in a time-machine to Berlin in 1933, I would be the first person to go – with the purpose of killing him. Why? No person has ever committed a more horrible crime against his tribe than Hitler. Because of him, the Germanic tribes are dying and MAY be completely wiped out unless we manage to win within 20-70 years. Thanks to his insane campaign and the subsequent genocide of the 6 million Jews, multiculturalism, the anti-European hate ideology was created. Multiculturalism would have never been implemented in Europe if it hadn‘t been for NSDAPs reckless and unforgivable actions. Eastern Europe would have remained free, the US and Russia would never have risen up as super-powers. The balance of power would have remained in Europe. And it would be a beautiful Europe with beautiful cultural conservative policies – very similar to the ones you now find in Japan and South Korea. Hitler almost destroyed everything with his reckless and unforgivable actions and he will forever be known as a traitor to the Nordic-Germanic tribes.

So, I am really speechless when I see the cult calling themselves national socialists today. If you truly love our tribe, the Nordic tribes or any other European tribe, you must learn and acknowledge that Hitler is a traitor to the Germanic and all European tribes, NOT a hero. Hitler had the military capabilities necessary to liberate Jerusalem and the nearby provinces from Islamic occupation. He could have easily worked out an agreement with the UK and France to liberate the ancient Jewish Christian lands with the purpose of giving the Jews back their ancestral lands. The UK and France would perhaps even contribute to such a campaign in an effort to support European reconciliation. The deportation of the Jews from Germany wouldn‘t be popular but eventually, the Jewish people would regard Hitler as a hero because he returned the Holy land to them.

But what did the great Satan do? He invaded Poland, France Russia and several other countries in his crazed effort for world domination. It was completely reckless and unforgivable as the consequences of such acts aren‘t very hard to predict. And when the tides turned for the Nazis and the Russian campaign failed, they decided to massacre the Jews and thus further condemning the Germanic tribes and the conservative/nationalist ideology to hell... They knew perfectly well what the consequences would be for their tribes if they lost, yet they went ahead and completed the job. After WW2, the greatest anti-nationalist and anti-European propaganda campaign the world has ever seen was launched. And people like myself, and other cultural conservative leaders of today, are still suffering under this propaganda campaign because of that one man.

Were the majority of the German and European Jews disloyal? Yes, at least the so called liberal Jews, similar to the liberal Jews today that opposes nationalism/Zionism and supports multiculturalism. Jews that support multiculturalism today are as much of a threat to Israel and Zionism (Israeli nationalism) as they are to us. So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all cultural Marxists/multiculturalists. Conservative Jews were loyal to Europe and should have been rewarded. Instead, he just targeted them all… So, are the current Jews in Europe and US disloyal?

The multiculturalist (nation-wrecking) Jews ARE while the conservative Jews ARE NOT. Aprox. 75% of European/US Jews support multiculturalism while aprox. 50% of Israeli Jews does the same. This shows very clearly that we must embrace the remaining loyal Jews as brothers rather than repeating the mistake of the NSDAP. Whenever I discuss the Middle East issue with a national socialist he presents the anti-Israeli and pro-Palestine argument. He always seem unaware of the fact that his propaganda is hurting Israeli nationalists (who want to deport the Muslims from Israel) and that he is in fact helping the Israeli cultural Marxists/multiculturalists with his argumentation. In all five discussions they have moderated or fully changed their views after the discussion as they realize what they have done. But I was unable to discuss this issue further after I was banned and kicked out by Stormfront and another national socialist forum.

In any case; educate yourself and learn the difference. Today‘s conservatives and want-to-be Nazis are ignorant when they obsess so much over the Jews. There is no Jewish problem in Western Europe (with the exception of the UK and France) as we only have 1 million in Western Europe, whereas 800 000 out of these 1 million live in France and the UK. The US on the other hand, with more than 6 million Jews (600% more than Europe) actually has a considerable Jewish problem. But please learn the difference between a nation-wrecking multiculturalist Jew and a conservative Jew. Don‘t make the same mistake that NSDAP did. Never target a Jew because he is a Jew, but rather because he is a category A or B traitor. And don‘t forget that the bulk of the category A and B traitors are Christian Europeans. 90% of the category A and B traitors in my own country, Norway, are Nordic, Christian category A and B traitors.

On page 1238, he supports a list of controversial principles:
Controversial principles:
• Revolutionary, supports the overthrow of all Western European multiculturalist governments through armed struggle to prevent the gradual demographical extermination of Europeans through Islamic demographic warfare
• Against excessive US cultural influence
• Against US military bases/US military personnel on European soil
• Restriction of media rights. Media should not dictate the policies of the nation or the lifestyles of Europeans
• Supports the deportation of all Muslims from Europe
• Pro-Israel (pro-Zionism/Israeli nationalism, supports the deportation of Muslims from the West Bank and the Gaza strip)
• Pro-Russia (pro Russian nationalism)
• Pro-Eurosiberia (supporting a federation with Russia – European Federation - as long as Russia deports their Muslim inhabitants and breaks its union with Muslim ex-Soviet republics and instead chooses a purely European alternative). The new European Federation will be much more isolationalist with a policy of economic nationalism (protectionism).
• Pro-Boer/Afrikaner (supporting a partition of South Africa into two parts)
• Pro-India (pro-sanatana dharma movements/Indian nationalism, support to the nationalists in the Indian civil war and to the deportation of all Muslims from India)
• Pro-China (supports Chinas deportation of Muslims).
• Pro-Thailand (support the nationalists in the Thai civil war and to the deportation of all Muslims from Thailand).
• Pro-Philippines (supports the deportation of all Muslims from the Philippines).
• Pro-Sri Lanka (supports the deportation of all Muslims from Sri Lanka)
• Anti-Turkey, many followers do not acknowledge Turkey and consider parts of Anatolia to be occupied Greek and Armenian territory which must be re-annexed.
• Pro-Christian Africa (supports Christian Africans against Jihad)
• Pro- Rom/gypsy (supports the creation of a Rom/gypsy homeland in East-Anatolia)
• Pro-Maronite (supports the re-establishment of a Christian Lebanon)
• Pro-Assyrian (supports the re-establishment of a Christian Assyrian state north of Lebanon)
• Pro-Copt (supports the re-establishment of a Christian Coptic state in western Egypt)
In another section, page 1366:

The Euro-US divide

However tempting to discuss US nationalism/conservatism, I‘m not going to. The reason is that the fundamental factors vary too much. The European Americans aren‘t the indigenous peoples of the US, the Native Americans are. In addition; there are more than 60 million Muslims in Western (25-30) + Eastern Europe (35) while only 9 million in the US.

Also, in my experience, those who disapprove of Israel's right to exist are either anti-Semites or suffer from very poor judgment. Sensible people should support Zionism (Israeli nationalism) which is Israel's right to self-defence against Jihad.

And on page 1386, Breivik includes the founder of Zionism as a visionary we can very usefully learn from:

Q: What great nationalist statesmen inspire you?

A: Winston Churchill, Otto von Bismarck

However, our role models MUST be the great nationalist struggles of the past, because politics is nothing at all but the historical process at work in the present. So we need to study the Wind of Change that blew through Africa in the 1950s, now that we too are living under anti-European discrimination in the EU Colonial Empires (EUSSR). Study Mao Tse-Dong (The Great Helmsman), once a role model for the Left, now a possible Rightist role model: leader of China's National Revival. Was he ever a Communist at all?

Study Otto von Bismarck, not Adolf (the former was precursor of the modern Right, the latter precursor of the contemporary left). Study the Italian Risorgimento of the 19th century, which was a vast movement of National Revival (not a conspiracy by small elites, as the textbooks say) and an Alliance between the aristocratic Right (Count Cavour[1] and King Victor Emmanuel[2]) and the Revolutionary Left (Garibaldi[3]). And look at Ataturk's revival of Turkey after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire (led by the military). Ireland and Israel have had Nationalist struggles in the last century we can very usefully learn from. In each case, a handful of visionaries raised whole nations, after centuries (even millennia) of oppression. Theodor Herzl, founder of Zionism, was ridiculed and died after only 8 years in politics, convinced of his own failure.

Remember the spider in Robert the Bruce's cave: each time its web was blown away, it wove again and Bruce was inspired to re-weave the web of Scots Nationhood: still going strong 780 years later.
We must study Athelstan, Alfred and Edgar of Wessex, who did not give up, just because everyone told him that England was finished. Neither Boudicca, nor Caractacus should be our heroes, because they both failed quickly and miserably. It was Cassivellaunus who defeated Caesar two years running and Calgacus who saved Albion (North Britain) from the Romans. For 465 years the Romans were occupying half of Britain: the brave British patriots never gave up resistance (12 Vietnams laid end to end) and the Romans were eventually driven out.

There are many great historical nationalist statesmen worth studying. Even if the situation looks grim now, it will never be too late. Never surrender!

J.T. Waldron

Full document can be found here.

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