Wednesday, July 27, 2011

'Radiation hormesis an incredible lie'


The nuclear theory 'radiation hormesis' - the hypothesis that low doses of ionizing radiation are beneficial - is "an incredible lie."

"A lot of nuclear scientists … actually have the nerve to claim that radiation is good for you, and they have this theory called 'radiation hormesis' and they claim that radioactivity exercises the immune system and it's a healthy thing for people. Essentially what they are doing is promoting their technology with this incredible lie," Karl Grossman, a professor at State University of New York College told Press TV's U.S. Desk in an exclusive interview on Wednesday.

Grossman believes some people are trying to downplay radioactive pollution in Savannah River Site - a nuclear reservation in South Carolina.

"This week there was supposed to be a speaker before an advisory board, at the Savannah River Site, and he planned to tell this advisory board that: don't worry about the radiation from Fukushima. The Japanese shouldn't worry about the radiation from Fukushima," Grossman said, adding that Savannah River Site was "a high pollution area."
"In fact he wrote a little newspaper article saying even the workers who had been exposed to this enormous amounts of radioactivity there, won't meet no health consequences because of radiation hormesis," he concluded.


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  1. So I assume the people making this claim are exposing themselves to radiation on a regular bases since it's so healthy.

  2. This is an easy theory to test. Just have all nuclear scientists that believe low doses of radiation over a period of time is safe step up to the plate and become their own experiment. If, after a few years, they are still healthy, then I guess their theory will have proven to be correct.

  3. You guys need to read a little science. Radiation Hormesis is THE major theory in biology. In fact I do keep radioactive rocks in my pocket for health.

    Best scientists to look at are T D Luckey and Jerry Cuttler. Jerry actually healed himself and wife through radiation hormesis.

  4. Here are a few actual scientific sites. Radiation Hormesis is not propaganda but is widely adhered to in biology. Ask any biologist.

    University of Ottawa

    Radiation Science and Health Magazine.
    -included are reports of consisently longer lifespans.