Tuesday, September 27, 2011

America's drone attacks 'harm the US'


A Professor of Law at Ohio State University, John B. Quigley, says U.S. drone attacks are counterproductive and a cause of resentment. He says such assaults by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's) "may bring some short term advantage" but "they bring more harm on the United States than the good they can possibly bring."

Quigley believes the administration is thinking of expanding the use of drones to target middle level figures. "That is up till now; they've been targeting persons of fairly high rank in their respective organizations and now I think that they think that the program has worked so well, they want to expand it and to go after more low level figures."

"If they do that I think they're really going to put themselves in a position where they're causing so much negative attitude towards the United States and they'll be killing so many more innocent persons that happen to be in the house where the targeted person is located, that it's really going to be a disaster for the United States."

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