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Has ‘We Are Change Fresno’ been the target of agent provocateurs?


There is reasonable amount of evidence that We Are Change Fresno, a local activist group seeking to spread awareness about 9/11 Truth and other related issues, has been the target of at least two separate agent provocateurs. The latest incident took place this last weekend, while the first happened soon after the group’s formation in June 2009, which  occurred on the heels of the successful hosting of Richard Gage in the Veteran’s Memorial Hall in Clovis. (Richard Gage is the founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.) Several soon-to-be members of We Are Change Fresno helped get Richard interviewed on the Chris Daniel show on KMJ, as well as the Great Day morning show with Kim and Kopi on KMPH FOX 26. We uploaded the Great Day interview on YouTube, and it rapidly went viral, receiving well over 300,000 hits on our channel alone. Whether it was these successful actions that aroused the government’s attention, or our plans to hand out 10,000 DVD copies of ‘The Obama Deception‘ at the largest 4th of July Tea Party event in the country, we do not know. We do know, however, that we were warned repeatedly to not be surprised when the provocateurs start arriving at our meetings.

After We Are Change Fresno’s founding, we were in contact with several regional and national leaders in the 9/11 Truth movement. Nearly everyone we spoke with warned us that if our group was engaging the public with positive activism, attempted agent provocateur infiltration was essentially guaranteed. One representative we spoke with at 911Truth.org, told us that in her estimation, approximately half of all 9/11 Truth groups around the country had either been completely taken over by government agents, or had dissolved due to the disruptive infighting these agents were able to create with other members.

The warnings we received were more specific in nature rather than general or vague. There was some ‘trust your gut’ and ‘you’ll know one when you see one’ type of advice, but there was also many specific characteristics we were told to watch for. These typical characteristics of agent provocateurs are nicely laid out in an article by Bill Heid, ‘How to Identify an Agent Provocateur’. Besides the fact that they will attempt to get the group to commit illegal acts, (which is the basic definition of an agent provocateur), the following are tell tale signs to watch for as described by Bill Heid:

* Agents will often lack background connections or references. No one in your circles or related groups will know them.

* Agents try to keep discussions and action unproductive and still. They’ll spend plenty of time debating issues, with little action. They focus on ideas over people.

* They tend to create messes in groups and between group members. They leave chaos in their wake.

* They tend to gravitate toward people in the group who are dissatisfied. Once relationships with those folks grow, the dissatisfaction spreads.

* Some agents have been former prisoners who do this work as part of a deal. These folks tend to jump from organization to organization in a relatively short time.

* Agents don’t have known sources of income. They might have a job that doesn’t match their spending or claim their money comes from prior savings.

* They tend to provide gifts for key figures at first. This helps them build trust with the group.
* When confronted, they will get defensive and start making their own accusations.

* They act like zealots, but they don’t have the fruit of it. They have passion but don’t truly care.

Kenn Herman, Incident #1

On the evening of Monday, June 15, 2009, We Are Change Fresno had its second official meeting at a Starbucks in Clovis. Although it was only our second meeting, we had already been accomplishing much, as mentioned above. At this meeting, a man named Kenn Herman (a.k.a. Elthadiya) attended and wasted no time whatsoever in displaying classic agent provocateur behavior. Some of what can be recalled about what he did and said are below:

* Suggested we start a violent revolution.

* Suggested we use Che Guevara as our model.

* Suggested we get guns and start shooting people.

* Suggested we slash tires of police cars.

* Suggested we graffiti our messages on other people’s property.

* Suggested many other illegal and violent acts. Essentially every positive and peaceful suggestion we would discuss and propose, he would counter-propose the same idea but would add illegal and violent behavior into the mix.

* Frequently brought up ‘fringe’ topics outside the typical scope of We Are Change to divert the discussion.

* Felt the need to explain why his hair was recently dyed a color that looked unnatural. He claimed it was from a low quality brand of chlorine he used in his swimming pool.

* Lied about how he found out about the meeting.

* He also brought a high powered camera with him and asked a woman he was sitting next to to walk around the group and take pictures of everyone for his MySpace account – a MySpace account which did not exist.

* When we explained to him why some people might be uncomfortable with him photographing us, he was very apologetic and said he would delete the pictures when he got home. When pressed to delete them in our presence, his demeanor completely changed, accusing us of being an anti-freedom group trying to encroach on his freedom.

* When we told him we basically knew who he worked for, he quickly walked away yelling at us that he’d remember our faces, strangely not denying our assertion.

* Once confronted, he never returned and also deleted his Meetup account.

While it cannot be known for an absolute 100% certainty that Kenn Herman was an agent provocateur, it can be determined that he has a criminal record which includes assault with a deadly weapon and theft, (Fresno County case # M98903999-1.)  This suggests the possibility that he might have been a criminal informant working for law enforcement, with attempting to provocateur our group as one of his assignments.

This incident was also discussed on the Alex Jones Show on July 3, 2009. The clip is below.

James Bourne, Incident #2

More recently, on Friday, September 9, 2011, a new member joined We Are Change Fresno through the online Meetup site.  His name was James Bourne, which is fairly comical considering the resemblance to the name of the secret agent Jason Bourne of the Bourne Trilogy movies. After joining, he immediately began an online discussion thread which he titled, ‘Using riots to get the word across?’ During this discussion, he repeatedly attempted to lead We Are Change Fresno into violence and criminal behavior at an upcoming street action that was on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. Here’s a summary of his behavior and suggestions:

* Suggested we revolt against our local government.

* Suggested we ‘stage’ riots. [Note:  I find it odd he used the term 'stage'.]

* Suggested we march with the purpose of blocking traffic.

* Suggested we ‘go extreme’.

* Suggested we cross the street when the lights turn red.

* Suggested bringing bricks.

* Suggested bringing baseball bats.

* Wanted to bring matching t-shirts for us to wear. (Who knows what was on the shirts?)

* Wanted to bring signs of his own design for us to hold. (Who knows what was on the signs?)

After he started making such suggestions, it was made known to him that if he showed up at the street action, the police would be waiting for him and we would videotape the ordeal to put on YouTube. This threat, which was made good on by one of our members calling Fresno PD, prevented him from showing up and disrupting the street action. Strangely, afterwards he claimed he was hiding out on the other side of the street at a fast food restaurant where he witnessed the police presence, and took photos of us. Shortly thereafter he was kicked out of the We Are Change Fresno Meetup group, and then he immediately deleted his account.

With law enforcement sending in undercover police at local lectures on veganism, to the well publicized infiltration of Peace Fresno by law enforcement, it’s not too hard to fathom that the government would want to disrupt a local activist group that is critical of the official story of September 11th, 2001. These incidents are good lessons to remind us to remain peaceful, but also to take direct action at confronting all individuals who attempt to provoke any activist group into committing acts of violence and other crimes. Peace out!

September 13, 2011

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