Friday, September 30, 2011

Hartmann: Could Hacktivists hack a Diebold Machine?

Today we learned that our democracy could be hacked by an eighth grader with 26 bucks. That's what a security assessment team with the US Department of Energy discovered when they successfully hacked into a Diebold electronic voting machine - and were able to change voting results without leaving a trace behind. These are the same guys that make sure the facilities that manufacture nuclear bombs are secure - and the security assessment team leader said about the voting machine hack, "this is a national security issue." Despite all this - in next year's election - 30% of voters are expected to use these very same "hack-easy" voting machines - that the rest of the world have shelved citing security concerns. And today - with the rise of hack-activist groups like Anonymous - this glaring hole in the security of our elections - could be exploited for absurd purposes...and, the nominee is...Scooby Doo?

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