Saturday, September 24, 2011

‘Israel lacks strategic vision in dealing with Palestine’

Russia Today

Both Israel and the US are officially supportive of the two-state solution for the Palestine-Israel territorial conflict, but both are fiercely opposing the Palestinian statehood bid in the UN. Experts say this is a spoke in their own wheels.

The US position towards Palestine is very “unfortunate” and can be traced to US senators fearful of losing Jewish votes in their constituencies, believes Dr. Charles Cogan, from the Harvard Kennedy School, and a former CIA officer.

“The West Bank remains under Israeli control, but the problem with that is what are they going to do with all the Palestinians who remain inside?” the ex- CIA officer told RT. “They cannot push them over the river and into Jordan. Eventually, you are going to have a majority of Arab population in Israel. I think this is a tragic lack of strategic vision on the part of the Israelis.”

This view is shared by journalist Akiva Eldar, who speaking from Tel-Aviv says that in pursuing this minute’s interests, Israel is losing the bigger picture.

“I am afraid that what they have in mind right now is not the future of the next generation, but the future of the government, the stability of the coalition and how to survive the next day and score some more points at the media frontier,” says Eldar.

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