Sunday, September 18, 2011

Appalling Propaganda from Amy Goodman About Libya

Scott Creighton

Amy Goodman of Democracy NOW! has become one of the most disingenuous news figures this country has to offer and that’s saying a lot because there are numbers of them. She is not worthy of your trust, she is not worth of your time, she is not worthy of your respect… anymore.  Such a sad legacy she now leaves behind after a long and storied career as a dedicated teller of the truth in spite of the power aligned against her. For whatever reason, she has become just another presstitute in service of the globalists who are at this minute still attacking the people of Libya, still bombing them and their infrastructure, still laying siege to cities and populations who refuse to surrender to NATO powers,  and still planning how to dice up the people of Libya’s state assets to hand them over to their favorite corporate contributors.

And Amy Goodman is in their service, lying to her audience on a daily basis.

Yesterday Amy had some “reporter” on who has been traveling around Libya (supposedly) with the “rebels” and various others, so that she could give Amy’s audience a first hand glimpse into what she (and Amy’s website) called the “revitalization” of Libya. If this “reporter”  did actually go to Libya, she was there as an embedded journalist, just like the ones CNN and Fox News sent off to Iraq to tell the “real” story about how the Iraqis were so happy we blew the shit out of their country. Remember the Saddam statue? Remember the Jessica Lynch story? That’s embedded journalism.

So Amy Goodman has this embedded “journalist” on to set the record straight and paint a nice rosy picture of a post Gadhafi Libya. According to her, the people of Libya and Tripoli specifically, are just so damn happy that NATO bombed the shit out of them and killed many innocent civilians in the process, because…
“The mood across Libya, particularly in Tripoli, is absolutely—like there’s just a feeling of euphoria everywhere. People are incredibly relieved to finally be rid of the man who ruled their lives, minute details of their lives, for 42 years.” Democracy NOW!
And don’t worry that the people of Libya are concerned that NATO is coming in to take over their nation and chop it up and sell it off to the lowest bidder because according to Amy’s “jounralist”, the people of Libya don’t think that at all. At ALL!
“One more point I want to make, which might be interesting to listeners and viewers in the U.S., is that very few Libyans I met seemed concerned about NATO hijacking their revolution.” Democracy NOW!
See? NATO didn’t hijack their revolution because this journalist met “very few” Libyans who felt that way. Of course, she was embedded with the “rebels” who were completely supported by NATO, trained by MI6 and British Special Forces, advised by Washington, led by exiled leaders who lived in Washington, funded by NATO, armed by NATO countries, and provided all the massive fire-power they needed to destroy Libya by NATO. But of course, the rebels Amy’s journalist met didn’t think that NATO had plans to take over Libya.
Well that’s good except for…
“Libya’s revolution may still be incomplete, but Western leaders are swooping into Tripoli to celebrate the rebels’ victory and offer support for the new Libya, whose success they see model for other Arab revolutions.

With sharpshooters on Tripoli rooftops, a 5-star hotel sealed by tight security, and fighting continuing less than 100 miles away, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron were today the first heads of state to arrive in the capital and embrace Libya’s National Transitional Council (NTC).

The backing of Britain and France, which led NATO’s military charge, was crucial to turning the tide for Libya’s rebels – at first little more than rag-tag militias – and enabling them to oust the Qaddafi regime.”  Alaska Dispatch
I would go on and on with this, but to be honest, Amy Goodman and Democracy NOW! aren’t worth anymore of my time or yours.

I don’t know what price it took to buy off Amy Goodman, but whatever it was, I hope Amy enjoys it a lot because she sold out her legacy of legitimacy. Her entire career is now nothing more than a bargaining chip she used to cash in big time. I hope and pray her audience has enough sense to abandon her once and for all for this shameless propaganda piece she aired on her show. The memory of her courage and dedication to the truth is now faded away completely and all that’s left is just the realization that they can get to just about anybody these days.

And Amy? Do yourself a favor. Do us all a favor. Just fucking retire before you help them justify another Shock and Awe in Syria or Lebanon or Iran, ok? We expect that shit from Bill O’Reilly it’s kinda sad to see you doing it as well. Whatever they’re paying you, whatever they are promising you, it’s isn’t worth it. We are watching you sit there looking like a vapid, pathetic shell of your former self, reading this propaganda, setting up these fake “journalists”, and going through the motions and quite frankly all you are doing is proving to them that everyone has their price. Frankly, we are sick of it. So just retire already and sit back and write your memoirs or something. Because if you think that no one has noticed the change in you over the last few years, think again.

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  1. body snatchers got her. No other explanation. She certainly wouldn't sell out (snicker, snicker).

    everyone is bought and paid for. Get use to it.

  2. Most of the opposition to the war over the past 10 years was just political snobbery towards Bush and Texans.

    None of the liberals really care if we murder and rape people in the third world because otherwise the dollar's purchasing power would go down and we couldn't buy cheap plastic electronics from Asia.

    As long as its done in the name of "democracy" and "human rights" and as long as bankers get their share, the left is happy to kill and oppress. They just need to protest and spit on a few troops every now and then to maintain the illusion of being anti-war.

  3. I'm glad you finished with "passed few years" because I became disenchanted with DN, long ago.


  4. Jay, do I refrain from shooting you and stealing your car out of fear of the police, or do I have a higher, more civilized reason? If you want to fold and join the lemming run with these war mongering swine, please think twice about making this run. But don't be so devoid of conscious thought so as to believe you do it out of any sort of positive quality.

    Most of our military is not involved with these wars of theft and conquest BY CHOICE. Don't be a punk. More of our soldiers are commiting suicide than are dying in combat because they did not want to become what they were coerced into being.

    Amy Goodman's writer was too vague to be so harshly judged, and their evaluation is accurate. Judge the influx of NATO investors for what they are, vultures and ghouls. They spell out the action accurately enough. Whether the vultures' and ghouls' actions appeal to you determines what you see.

  5. I think you guys may be a little too much in love with the mad dog Qaddafi. Is it something about his cute uniform that turns you on?

  6. No surprise really....
    "He who takes the king's money becomes the king's man." -- ancient saying

    And if you follow the money:

    You won't be surprised either ;-)

    The full report that image came from here:

  7. Amy Goodman is a Jew! Jew's aren't necessary tell the truth and I notice also her obsession with Syrian war crime.

    Nowadays you can't just trust one new source, you have to cross check internationally and also in different languages.

  8. What a disappointment. Shame on you, Amy Goodman for letting us down. I hope it was worth it.

  9. The Libya we don't hear about

  10. Amy has always been a tool of neo-liberalism. Read on Gene Sharp. Neo-liberalism predates neo-conservatism, and is known as the Washington Consensus. Goodman's use of discursive traps and word games (protesters vs dictators, etc.) surrounding the 2003 Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, was all the evidence I needed to see that she was a tool. Its not body snatchers. Its that her mind was always colonized. It was always an 'imperialist compassion' and not truly 'revolutionary'. Its basically Sigourney Weaver in Avatar, but without any sex appeal at all whatsoever.