Saturday, September 24, 2011

Breaking news: 96 arrests, 1000s Occupy Wall Streeters fill Union Sq, Day 8

The Examiner
Deborah Dupre

Day 8 Update Approximately 4:30, Sept. 24, 2011

Rights defender Tweeted there have been 96 arrests and more are expected.

"#NYPD overheard: '88 arrests to one precinct, 8 to another. We expect more.'"

Day 8 Update Approximately 3:30, Sept. 24, 2011

 Mass arrest happening at 13th near 5th ave now according to #occupyWallStreet #ows

The livestream appears to be down due to another confiscation of the media equipment according to one Tweet from blogdiva Liza Sabater at approximately 3:00 pm ET, "HEADS UP NYC >> RT @AnonymousIRC: Media equipment seized. #OccupyWallstreet crew in need of a dualcore 2.4 GHz notebook."

The Examiner has been unable to contact the Occupy Wall Street as the phone sounds as though it is disconnected.

Around 3:23, it was Tweeted from #OccupyWallStreet, "The media team was arrested, the streaming will not return. Very sad. Watch it here >>"

On Day 8 of the massive protest in New York City against Wall Street corruption, thousands of Occupy Wall Street protesters are blocking traffic Saturday afternoon as they head to Union Square loudly chanting to drums, "They got bailed out. We got sold out" as NYPD have a heavy presence as they "cattled" the crowd down the street but appeared sympathetic for the most part according to the livestream, some even smiling when cajoled by demonstrators although some arrests continue.

"What everybody's here protesting is that fact that 1% of the population controls so much wealth. We are the rest of society. We are the 99%," one of the protesters,  Becky Wartell said, as reported by the Guardian.

"Please go in the park. Watch the traffic," police repeated when the group arrived at their Saturday destination.

The Guardian reported, "Casey O’Neill had no regrets. He had travelled thousands of miles across the country – and gave up a well-paying job as a data manager in California – to sleep rough in a downtown Manhattan public square, enduring rain and increasingly chilly nights. Police keep a close eye on him every day."
"But O’Neill was happy to be part of the 'Occupy Wall Street' protests that have transformed New York’s Zuccotti Park from a spot where Wall Streeters grab a lunchtime sandwich into an informal camp of revolutionaries, socialists, anarchists and quite a lot of the just-plain-annoyed."
“Regrets? No. God, no,” said O’Neill, 34. “It is a little scary for sure. Somebody had to make a stand to do this. It is kind of amazing right now.” O’Neill is even happy to sleep on the park’s concrete benches. “It’s OK, actually,” he said.
O’Neill is among the others camping in the Zuccotti Square that "looks ramshackle but in fact is highly organised."

According to the Guardian, the camp "looks rapidly on the way to becoming a fixture of downtown Manhattan life – if the police let the protesters stay there."

Four media team people have been arrested.

On Saturday, a woman with the first name Rachel was arrested, after which she repeated, "I just asked not to be touched," according to the livestream of the marchers. (See page left for Global Revolution livestream.)

"Let her go. Let her go," the crowd yelled.
"Off the sidewalk in the street," is being loudly chanted to drums, along with, "Who's street? Our street!"

One woman posed bare-breasted according to the Guardian: "Standing bare-breasted behind a poster that proclaimed 'Capitalism Isn't Working', she happily posed for interested bystanders. The lack of clothing, she explained, was a metaphor.

"I can't afford a shirt. Wall Street has stolen the shirts from our backs," she said.

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! reported Wednesday that the protesters' message is clear, “We are the 99 percent that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1 percent.”

Although "the revolution is not being televised," it is being livestreamed.

The Global Revolution livestream of the thousands of protesters marching to Union Square an be viewed on this page left.

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