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Britain was nuked by their own weapons


Maybe all the people that live within an area from Birmingham across to Norwich and down to Bristol, Bournmouth and across to Dover and back up to Norwich were not aware that they may have been exposed, on more than one occasion, to extremely high levels of radiation from the weapons used by the US, UK and coalition forces in and around the Middle East war zones……not to mention the onslaught on Libya that saw an incredible amount of DU weapons being used and also possibly low yield nuclear weapons.

Back in the 1940’s during the Los Alamos nuclear test they discovered a type of poisonous gaseous substance that was emitted from the weapons. The Generals seized this new found substance as a potential people killer that basically would drift on the wind, have no footprint to identify the aggressor and would kill over a long period of time.

A secret memo to Brigadier General Grove clearly showed their intention to carry out mass genocide, mass depopulation and mass infertility using this technology resulting in the development of depleted uranium (DU) weapons as used extensively today in all areas of conflict. If you don’t believe me ask the people of Iraq, especially those living in Fallujah and Basra who may not to be able to ever have a child.

It was in more recent time they seized an opportunity to dispose of the nuclear waste from their nuclear programmes (Uranium 238 or DU) as existing stockpiles were massive and in very poor condition and so it made sense to give it away to the arms manufacturing companies to be used as a penetrator, shaped charged liner or simply for ballast in weapons and aircraft etc.

DU is pyrophoric which basically means it is self igniting at low temperatures around 170 degrees. When it leaves the barrel of a gun it is basically igniting, like tracer bullets. Upon hitting the target it erupts into a massive thermo nuclear type explosion in access of 5000 degrees and emits a huge cloud of radioactive nano-particles in their millions that then drift on the wind.

The UN/WHO state that DU is no risk to our health and it was the UN who carried out an extensive survey in the Balkans after the war which resulted in a rather pathetic report that really didn’t even address the main issue which was total contamination of the war zone making some areas almost totally uninhabitable.

If you were to scan any particle piece of earth where radiation exists in its natural form you would probably get a reading of around 5-15 pulses, on the other hand DU would go up to around 10,000.

When one breaths in the nano-particles from DU it’s extremely easy to become ill with many forms of cancer, especially the unborn fetus and children. One expert stated that breathing in just ten milligrams of uranium oxide dust would exceed any safe limit. From my perspective there is no safe limit of radiation and certainly no one has studied the impact of breathing in DU. A Dr Jack Valentin, stated “If you were actually inside, or immediately outside, the vehicle that's hit by a bullet, and if you survive that hit, you can imagine that person inhaling perhaps a hundred milligrams.”
My comment would therefore be if this is the case with a single bullet imagine the consequences of shells, bombs and cruise missiles that are fired off each and every day that contain thousands of kilograms.

If one can relate to the very high concentrations in the past and current areas of conflict it is fairly obvious what the New World Order is up too via its military arm NATO. Aaron Russo’s interview explain in great detail:

DU evidence simply lies around after every conflict i.e. the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Pakistan, Lebanon, Gaza, Yemen, Somalia and now Libya. Its detected in damaged tanks, vehicles, spent rounds sitting on the surface, buildings, or simply in the soil. These deadly nano-particles are not only circling the countries of conflict but also adjacent countries and the world. Its half life is 4.5 billion years, every time it rains or snows it comes down to contaminate our soil, crops and water and continues to be stirred up by the weather, gales, sand storms which stretch across continents. Every time we drive or walk on it secondary contamination occurs.

DU weapons go back to the Yon Kippur War 1976 when the US first introduced it to the Israelis. They were also used extensively in the Balkans (1993-1995) by NATO with over 100,000 aircraft sorties. UN claim the main use of DU was only from A10 aircraft which was totally untrue, in actual fact bombarded the region with DU Shells, DU Bombs and DU missiles making the entire region almost uninhabitable. I have a detailed accounts of all weapons used and who used them!! All of the above countries are now suffering catastrophic medical problems.

I made up a chart showing how the upper winds move around the world on a given day and it clearly revealed how depleted uranium can become very mobile and the worlds air currents and jet streams carrying some of this contamination of nano-particles directly over the top of the Himalayas where many of Asia’s main rivers start and the millions of people that depend on those rivers for their survival, one can clearly see the problems that depleted uranium brings to our planet.

Depleted uranium is basically killing all around the world and to give you one very good example is the secret chart that was recovered from the research and development establishment in Aldermaston (Atomic Weapons Establishment) and who monitor via their atmospheric filters that check the level of radiation or DU in the region. In this graph it shows a base line (normal background radiation) and in several places there were peaks that directly related to events that had taken place in some far away conflict. In this case the peaks related to the US and coalition bombardment of Baghdad (Shock and Awe) and also when the US carpet bombed the Tora Bora mountains in Afghanistan etc. Each time this occurred massive amounts of depleted uranium dust as well as radiation from conventional Tactical Nuclear Weapons. (that were also discreetly dropped) got dumped in the skies over the UK and EU.

The graph proved that the UK was bombarded with extremely high levels of radiation from those conflicts and clearly shows my understanding that any contamination by such radioactive nano-particles does not recognise international borders and is therefore in clear violation of the Geneva Convention.

On one particular occasion I noticed that the contamination was taken up over the Caspian Sea, into Northern Russia where it then tracked westerly over Scandinavia and then down over Norway towards the UK where it got sucked into a very large low pressure area that just so happened to be centred near London. The graph I have in my possession from Aldermaston clearly proves the authenticity of such contamination.

Almost 90% of victims are innocent civilians.

It only takes about 50 tons (45,359 kgs) of DU dust to kill 500,000 people so in the case of Libya for example, during the initial onslaught, it is estimated that the US, UK and France used around 175,000 kgs, imagine at this value alone you are looking at millions of people succumbing to the effects of DU not only within Libya but also in adjacent countries and around the world. The contamination from Baghdad amounted to many thousands of tons of DU and arrived over the skies of the UK within 9 days.

I checked the upper winds during the Libyan War and the contamination from coalition forces was blown westerly over Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco and out over the Mediterranean to Spain, Portugal to Mid Atlantic where it turned 180 degrees and looped back over the UK and Europe, such is the unpredictability of the upper winds.

Finally we can look at two very typical examples to prove that the west is carrying out mass genocide using weapons that violate the Geneva Convention on at least 4 counts,

Fallujah and Basra in Iraq have succumbed to extremely high levels of many forms of cancer as a direct result of the weapons used by the US, UK and coalition forces during the [Persian] Gulf Wars.

Falujah experienced a dramatic increase in infant mortality, cancer, leukaemia and birth defects that now exceeds those reported in Hiroshima back in WW2.

Doctors are overwhelmed with very serious birth defects, a four fold increase in adult cancers and a 12 fold increase in childhood cancer. DU directly attacks the DNA and can and does enter the nose-brain barrier resulting in terrible mutations, cancers, brain tumours and severe mental problems.

Infant mortality is 43 times higher than Jordon for example and 8 times higher that Kuwait (which kept some statistics under lock and key). DU was used heavily in Kuwait and the scene of a massive DU accident at the US base, Camp Doha. It was here that a chain of events caused a massive explosion of DU weaponry. The US government said there was no problem but the Kuwaiti Government made the US remove of 7,000kgs of top soil back to the US…….in actual fact this was and still is one huge cover-up as the cancer rates increase in Kuwait.

Fallujah that was declared a US Forces “Free Fire Zone” which assumes that civilians in the region are minimum and so basically one can blast the area with unrestricted fire power, this was a US cover-up because the area was heavily populated as most people stayed indoors and did not venture out. The result was a 38-fold increase in Leukaemia, a 10-fold increase in breast cancer and a significant increase in Lymphoma and Brain Tumours. What is also known is that the sex ratio is also now unbalanced which indicates Genetic Damage to the population, a typical sign of DU and its horrific consequences. Basra, Afghanistan, North Pakistan, North India are showing the same trend and we can expect the same situation to develop in Libya, the very country that Obama, Clinton, Cameron, Hague and Sarkozy said was all about being a humanitarian crisis and saving lives.

These wars have nothing to do with evil dictatorships but rather forced regime change to install their western friendly puppets who then allow the west to rape those countries of their oil, gas and precious metals.

Israel must be added to this list of scumbags for using the same weapons in Lebanon during the 2006 conflict and again in 2008/9 on Gaza. Israel actually nuked itself when the contamination drifted on the sea breeze from Southern Lebanon over into Northern Israel and again in Gaza when it drifted up the coast and to the east. Maybe they should start asking why there is an increase in cancers and infertility figures. I am sure many residents in Israel would be very shocked to learn of this fact.

On the question of US, UK, France, Israel v Iran, the catastrophic fallout from such an attack would immerse the entire region, including Israel, into very high levels of radioactive particles from Iran’s nuclear facilities, the thousands DU weapons and obviously tactical nuclear weapons that we now know have been used in the past, all within 2-4 days. It would initially cover an area from Turkey to Pakistan/India and from the Caspian down to Somalia!

DU is in violation of the Geneva Convention on at least 4 counts and its usage thus constitutes as being a war crime or a crime against humanity, it is not target specific, drifts on the wind beyond the battlefield and around the world. These are clearly Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Past and current Presidents and Prime Minister such as George Bush Senior and George Bush Junior, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, their Foreign Ministers, Ministers of Defence and their Israeli counterparts are all guilty of crimes against humanity, including the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon.

The New World Order (NWO) plays a major part in all of these horrific crimes and many False Flags in conjunction with the CIA, MI5/6 and Mossad such as the mass killings at 9/11 and 7/7 (both inside jobs) all in the name of “Geo Politics.”

Zionists and their “Mafia Style Groups” are prepared to let the people of Israel be eliminated if necessary to achieve their goals and one can see a real possibility of this should the US, UK, France and Israel attack Iran

Peter Eyre - Middle East Consultant

DISCLAIMER: The authors' views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of Press TV News Network.

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    Note that shortly after the fire I met with someone who was part of the fire-fighting team. He disagreed with statements that there was no radiation leak. In fact, radiation was read by instruments in Manchester within hours. It was only luck that meant that the smoke plume drifted north instead of over Wolverhampton. DU should be banned for use in munitions.