Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Signs the Corrupt GOP Fraud Machine Working Against Ron Paul is Beginning to Crack

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Good citizens pay no attention to the
man behind the curtain.
We see an act of desperation on the part of the GOP to keep Ron Paul from securing the nomination. First, we see a news piece written in Politico saying the Ron Paul campaign is going broke. It is very apparent that the establishment wants Mitt Romney to be their person. This former governor of Massachusetts is just a vanilla version of Obama that would continue the continuity in carrying out the policies no matter who is in the White House.

First indicator is in Utah where limited government conservatives, libertarians and constitutionalists became persona non Grata at the caucus and miraculously the neo con big government RINO Senator Orin Hatch wins. Then we see in Missouri Ron Paul supporters being arrested for pointing out the GOP leadership breaking their own rules to block Ron Paul from winning. The party that is supposed to have a big tent to be all-inclusive for every one of all points of view. It does not look like it, we are all welcome just as long we sit down and shut up and not bring up personal liberty and the Constitution.

 The state of Illinois, the ABC affiliate released the primary poll numbers 24 hours early showing the primary results before one person cast a ballot. The land of Lincoln is the place where elections are stolen. It is time for a hostile take over of the state political parties and the election system to rout out the corruption. The people of Chicago and the State of Illinois have suffered under a corrupt system for a long time with loss of liberty and a system that no longer serves the people. A place like Illinois would be a good place to start.

That is not a sign of arrogance; this is a sign of desperation trying to put off the inevitable. It is time for Ron Paul supporters now have to fight to win and take no prisoners. it is not the time to be nice and civil when the Party hacks rigged the game. We cannot allow corruption to rob our future putting people on the ballot that are no different then the opponent in the other major party. The party leadership does not work for the people; they work for offshore corporations and the bankers. Ron Paul is a threat to the establishment.

 Now I see this fraud machine is starting fall apart and unravel. The leadership is desperate to suppress Ron Paul from winning. It is not about not allowing Ron Paul to win. Now it is matter, can they stop it? When we see them changing the rules as they go, disregarding the rules in their bylaws or just flat out just ignore the result. We might start seeing the leadership being removed by hostile takeover calling a special vote to unseat the local or state party chairman for corruption when they are being caught rigging the vote.

The GOP leadership might have egg on their faces when they start the convention in Tampa. The Ron Paul Revolution is unstoppable. I feel the fraud starting to break, they have shown their hand openly who they are. They are not conservatives or patriots. They are operatives and the gatekeepers for the authorities to keep their minions in power and never allow the real candidate to win. That may change very soon.

The only thing the GOP is doing is exposing themselves for what they really are and when more people see it. This revolution will not be stopped. I see this fraud machine starting the crumble and fall apart. We could see a special session inside the party being voted out for being caught cheating to change the results or to change the outcome denying the will of the people.

We realize this is not a game and we might not have an election to reverse course of this nation the next four years. This is why we are seeing a fight inside the GOP between the grass roots and the entrenched operatives. It is falling apart, I do not think they can keep up with the fraud much longer. Ron Paul like a beach ball held under water. After a while, the ball cannot be held down no matter how hard they try to keep it there. It will come to the top. Same with Ron Paul with his message of liberty, ending the illegal wars and a sound monetary system. The people I hope will know the truth before it is too late. All we can is pray and hope for the best.

We cannot allow our will to be broken by this corrupt machine,  Stay the course and we will get our country back.

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