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Comedy Gold: The Clumsy Attempt at Discrediting 9/11 Truth in Portland

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Once Portland 9/11 Meetup or the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance finish discrediting themselves, along comes a blog with anonymous posters aimed at discrediting all the 9/11 Truth groups in the Portland area.  I first thought our efforts were a mere drop in the bucket, so I see this site as a back-handed compliment.

As I said before, there are people in the Portland area who are scared to death of an effective 9/11 Truth movement.

True to the standard motif of dismissing the 9/11 Truth movement as a bunch of Anti-Semites, most Portlanders who demand a new investigation of 9/11 are accused of having contact with members of a group branded as infamously anti-Semitic, the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance.

It's important to note how much time went into so many queries, searches, cuts and pastes for over 50 different pages.   I can attest to their obsession with a look at the hit piece on yours truly.  An individual or group (as expected, anonymously) sent me a link to my hit page because they really wanted me to see it:

Personally, my goal has been to bask in the spittle of Bill O'Reilly's beet red temper tantrum, but this will have to be the next best thing.

Still, it gets a bit sad when the page that is supposed be so devastating gets giddy over the fact that I am on STRATFOR's email list.  There's also mention that, since I moved from Tucson to Portland a while ago, I had "Portland Based" in the blog description.  But it gets worse.  Somehow I mysteriously changed the verbiage of my blogger header description and removed the 'Portland based' reference.  Ah ha!  Got me!  Curses, Waybackmachine!  I had four short newsclips and 3-4 stories posted that were about Portland over the last year, but most of the posts are national or international news.  Still, there are people apparently 'high-fiving' each other over unearthing my "shell game".   I imagine by now you are starting to get the picture.

One thing useful about the hit piece is that it gives me an idea of exactly how much peripheral information remains as buoys floating around the interwebs.   My previous business websites, other blogs that you see links to on this site, linked-in profiles, abandoned web sites, current and abandoned user profiles for various social networks are all conveniently listed on this page.  Boring for everyone else.

Perhaps a more salacious issue is their contention that Portland AE911Truth did not change their meeting times to two hours earlier then the time the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance meets.  They already did backflips over the fact we were meeting at the same day at the same coffee shop.  Alas, our anonymous poster keeps missing the point.  If two groups are meeting at the same place at the same time,  no members of one group can really get much from the other group's meetings.  An elementary inquiry would confirm that there were indeed two meetings going on at the same time.   Times were staggered so those who wished to attend both meetings could do so.  I sometimes like to sit in on the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance meetings.  That's what Senator McCarthy would be frothing about.

Anyway, juvenile is not an overstatement.   His page ends with:


Now, the part less funny.  Here are quotes that are actionable for libel:

"no one Waldron was scamming with his "Portland based" 'voice of the revolution' bullshit knew how to find the domain"

-This statement implies that I am running a scam.  Soliciting compensation for goods or services not rendered.

"Anyone else not working with racists would change the day and location. Of course this is all horseshit and Waldron is a liar."

- Accusation of falsely representing an organization.


- Suggests to the public that I am untrustworthy, especially on the playground.

"Looks like Waldron is another corporate intelligence informant, sucking STRATFOR cock"

-Implies directly that I am an intelligence asset, possibly for STRATFOR.

"Welcome racists everywhere you meet them!"

-Falsely accuses me of racism in a public format.

The poster seems to think his ass is covered by including the following statement at the bottom of the page:

"This Blog is a Work of Satire. Facts may be closer than they appear. "

Sorry, but no judge will buy that figleaf.  The only thing protecting this blogger from liability is the truth, which means nothing is protecting this blogger from the liability incurred by his libelous actions.

J.T. Waldron

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1 comment:

  1. You guys may be 100% correct. The planning goes back to when the shovel first hit the dirt at the WTCs back in the mid 1960s. All contractors were jewish. Many building and fire code violations at WTCs I,II and 7 were glossed over by the New York Port Authority. The parties sneaking in the nanothermate are central. Although it should be obvious to all that they did not rig the entire complex in a few weekends. Look up journals from the late 1960s and forget your computer for a single afternoon. Then you will know. Otherwise, you don't know. Look for torn out pages. This preload was published in a few construction journals. I hoped for years that someone would look and report on their own.i documented the preset and banning the practice 40 years ago. I lost the stuff long before 9-11-2001. I also am half way around the world.

    Photos from a camera sneaked into the Pentagon during the pre9-11 remodel feature details of the dropaway floor joists. Later photos show scarring from directional charges installed. Parts from a Global Hawk cruise missile, including an entire wing and most all of a SMASHED A-3 Skywarrior are present in the debris inside the pentagon, wingspan 66 feet, height 14 feet. The turbine rotor hub from the Global Hawk's engine are photoed beside a fireman's leg outside. Both hit at VERY high speed. The A-3 fired a rocket to insure penetration a split second before impact. See General Stubblebine's report.

    Remember who Israel's boss is. Israel has no motive beyond simple theft. Freemasons and the Skull and Bones Society and Rhodes Scholars are her soldiers. The Knights of Malta's and jesuits' boss did not have diplomatic relations with the U.S. since Abe Lincoln broke them off.