Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hawaii Gop Refuses to update County Vote counts-Update

The Daily Paul

GOP Caucus Chair Andrew "Ron Paul supporters are neo-nazi's" Walden caught in a lie!


We did not count ballots by county, we counted them by congressional district. Delegates are apportioned by state and by congressional district, not by county.


Andrew Walden

Chair Hawaii Republican Caucus Committee

"When it came down to Maui, Ron Paul ended up receiving 47 provisional ballots cast for him, taking the lead over Mitt Romney by 18 votes." -Ron Paul Campaign

My Response:

How was Meghan Walker aware of this fact when writing her press release, but you're not aware?
-end of update

Despite numerous attempts to get these numbers corrected (and an equal number of rude shut downs by Gop leaders) the results presented on the GOP homepage are still UNTRUE!

(this is the link from the GOP HAWAII homepage for the breakdown of votes by county)
They blatantly continue to FAIL to accurately report Ron Paul WINNING the islands comprising MAUI county.

It makes me think that they got their Romney win, kept Ron out of the weekend news cycle-even though he WON two islands, and decided to say "screw you" to Ron Paul campaigners who are trying to emphasize every single victory they can in order to combat the media blackout.

This isn't a cry out for election fraud, or delegate shenanigans but if we allow these "leaders" to continue to get away with even 'sins of omission' they're not gonna think twice when the opportunity for bigger shenanigans present themselves.

Give a con an inch and he'll come back and take your whole yard! Well as of right now, they've taken a whole ISLAND from us!

Contact Hawaii GOP caucus chair:

Andrew "I write articles about Ron Paul supporters being Neo-Nazi's" Walden @
OR go straight to the top and let David Chang

Know how you feel! PLEASE HELP!

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